April 1 2016

How to Choose The Perfect Roommate

First off, congrats! If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re going to college. That’s rad.

Soon enough, you’ll be invited by some eager freshman to join your class’s roommate search Facebook group. Don’t be alarmed if you get it fairly soon there really are some eager students out there who want to get things done early and not worry about it later. Whether you’re the type or not, your Facebook feed is going to start looking something like this:

Hi! I’m __________ from _________. I just got into X School and I’m sooooo excited! I want to major in _________ and I prefer to live in ________. I’m pretty organized and believe I’m a good balance between someone who likes to study and someone who likes to go out. I like X type of music and Y type of food. Message me if you think we’d be a good fit!!!


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After a while though, the posts start looking exactly the same, and you may start to forget the qualities you actually want in a roommate while you’re rushing to find one and get it over with. So, here are some quick tips to guide you in your roommate search.

1. You do not have to pick a roommate


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I know plenty of people who didn’t want to search for one and decided to go in blind, and are totally happy with their roommates. Going in though, I was worried that my roommate and I would be complete and total opposites and wouldn’t get along at all. So, I made one of those super geeky Facebook posts, talking about my likes and dislikes in the hopes of finding “the ones”. (Spoiler alert: I found them.)

2. Make sure you present yourself in an honest light.

If you aren’t a total neat freak, don’t say you are. If you like to stay out late and wake up early, don’t let a potential roommate know you go to sleep at 9 everyday. And do NOT lie about your substance preferences. This goes for significant others sleeping over as well. Remember, after difficult days of school, your dorm should be a place where you can unwind- not a place you dread coming to after a long day.


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3. Don’t be upset if you don’t find someone right away or someone you wish to room with doesn’t feel the same.

People are so picky about this kind of thing. Some people want someone very different from them, and some want to room with people they’ve known since elementary school. It’s all a matter of preference.

4. Don’t pick your long lost personality twin.

This might be a matter of personal preference, but I kind of like that my roommates and I are different. We get along very well, but we have varied likes and dislikes. I personally think that if I had roommates that were exactly like me, our personalities might clash and we would get annoyed with each other. Find a connection, just maybe not a clone.

5. Keep in touch before you move in together.

Probably the best part about picking my roommates was how excited we were talking about all of our dorm adventures to come. We all spoke occasionally throughout the summer, and when we finally met, it felt like we had known each other forever. Keep some form of communication, whether it’s to say hello or to figure out who’s bringing what. It’ll make it more fun and a little easier on you!


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Good luck and happy hunting!!

P.S. Shoutout to my amazing roommates, I love you guys  🙂


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