March 15 2016

Transformation Tuesday – Get Fierce! Get Fit! Meet Renee Rapetti

Need a little workout inspiration?  Tired of wearing the same old thing to the gym every day and looking to shake it up?  Want to pair those great workout looks with some equally awesome fitness advice?  You’ve come to the right place.  Renee Rapetti, founder of Fierce & Fit has got it all going on, and today she shares her motivating advice with us:
unnamed1. What inspired you to found Fierce & Fit?
I truly believe every path I’ve crossed in my past has brought me to where I am today with Fierce & Fit. The struggles, heartaches, long nights, traveling, the success, all of what I’ve experienced while out of college set me up for where I am. I grew up playing sports my entire life, and I was in the fashion world right out of college. I loved what I was doing, but I wanted to find a way to impact others on another level. There came a point in my life where I wanted a way to merge both of my passions! I also knew I’d become my own boss one day, so over time I would journal with ideas and visions of where I wanted to take my life. I knew one day I would make it come to life. With the support of my family, friends, and clients, I have been able to bring my vision to life. Fierce & Fit is still a young brand, but so far I am very proud of the fit lifestyle that has been created and the community that is being built.

2. I’m running like a lunatic every day, and I’m not getting any results. What am I doing wrong?
My first question would be, are you following a plan of some sort?! My number rule is to have a plan. We can all wish and want to look and feel better, but if you do not have a plan in place, there is no way to track results. Another tip is to have an accountability partner, whether it’s your partner, trainer, or a family member, having someone to help push and motivate you is key! And, finally, my all time favorite tip is to always, ALWAYS put your workouts in your planner as an appointment. Plus, pack your gym bag at night and put it in your car, so there is NO excuse!

12143180_10100886979972017_4689427687616136468_n3. What motivates you to stay fit? How do you get others to feel motivated?
For me, being fit includes my mind, body and soul. I stay motivated by creating challenges and goals for myself in all areas of life. Being fit on the outside is great, but it all starts with a positive mindset. Investing time in reading and self development really has helped me, I literally carve time out in my daily schedule, just as I would with a high intensity cardio session. I also use a vision board.  As a very visual person, to lay out and see my goals keeps me accountable. I am also a ‘post-it queen’ leaving myself affirmations, reminders, and positive messages has been a game changer for me for staying on track. I motivate others by really listening to their goals.  I like to call myself ‘the cheerleader‘. Playing sports in the past has helped me achieve this mindset.  I really believe and see strengths in others that they may not see in themselves.

Renee’s line of fitness wear includes graphic tees and tanks with the logo “Goal Digger.”

4. What is a “Goal Digger?” What has the response been to your Goal Digger line?
A Goal Digger is a female who is setting the world on fire, a person who desires wealth in all areas in life, and has the smarts, optimism, integrity and passion to do it themselves. The response to the Goal Digger line has been incredibly overwhelming! It started off as something I wanted to create for myself, but I realized I just had to share it with other like-minded females. These females are rocking the limited edition items in and out of the gym. I absolutely love to see their photos in the Fierce & Fit line.   Their positivity shines so bright!

5. What is your favorite part about what you do?
I can inspire others! I struggled in my early adult years, as I felt like I was not making a direct impact on anyone’s life. To now know I either inspire, motivate or help someone in their daily life is truly rewarding. I have finally found “my place” in this world. I receive texts, inbox messages, and calls on the daily saying ‘thank you’! Sometimes I have to be pinched to be reminded that this is what I do on the daily, and I am just getting started! I am on a mission to impact as many women as possible.

12804897_10100974731177897_7947134441350711702_n6. On a day when you just aren’t feeling it, what do you do to get your mojo back?
I set daily habits for myself and how I start my day,  reading, mediating, walking my dog, etc, BUT sometimes not everyday starts that way! I mean we are HUMAN right?! And things happen. So when my day does not start on the right foot, or I am not feeling like myself, I do a few things. I will bring out my journal and write out what I am feeling, I keep my journal/planner on me at all times. I also keep post-its with my WHY written on them to remind why I do what I do. I have one in my wallet, my car, my planner, my gym bag and wherever else I feel necessary. I also will drive down to the beach and blast music.  Honestly music and just letting go to the beat is the easiest way to fall back to feeling like ‘ME’ again. Being your own boss is not easy, but it is totally worth it! I have great, good, and bad days, but I am a believer in failing forward, so the bad days are just as necessary as the good and great days! I suggest that everyone have a “fall back plan” when a bad mood or something unplanned happens.  This way you can shift right back into your positive and productive-self!

7. Favorite power meal?

My favorite go-to power meal would be lean ground turkey with quinoa and beans baked inside of a green pepper. Top it off with some avocado, low fat cheese and hot sauce! It is the perfect combination of protein and carbs.

8. What makes you feel confident?
10540767_10100981208552187_4993296318753005664_nI feel confident when I crush another goal! Hence where Goal Digger came from! Whether it is trying a new workout, stepping out of my comfort zone and connecting with another like-minded female or even walking out of the gym feeling accomplished, it’s a great boost! Again, confidence all goes back to mindset.  I could have a 6-pack, but that doesn’t matter if I am always being so critical of myself. So now, my focus has been creating confidence from within, meditating, journaling, and positive self-talk – – every single day!

9. Thoughts about being a woman in the fitness industry?
It is an amazing time to be a woman in the fitness industry! I grew up admiring the athletic bodies in fitness magazines, always wondering how I too could be a part of that, To now be working my way into this industry has been rewarding and a humbling experience. I have set some goals for myself in this industry and will continue to strive and crush them. I have a vision and a message and will share with the world as much as I can.

10. What does She’s Fit to Lead mean to you? How does someone become Fit to Lead?
First off, I wish She’s Fit to Lead was a community I had when I was in college! It is so important for females to empower one another, rather than bring one another down. I am so impressed with the women who contribute to the website.  To have a community of strong, determined, intelligent and fierce women is so amazing! To become Fit to Lead, I feel is you have to embody confidence and want to inspire others.

Check out Fierce & Fit’s website [here] and follow Renee on her awesome Facebook page [here] and Instagram [here]

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