July 8 2015

Meet Remi Lubcher, founder of Snipped And Styled

SFTL is lucky enough to work with the incredible Remi Lubcher, founder of Snipped And Styled. This rising Sophomore at Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University is an inspiration to us as she continues to grow her business. At such a young age, she is living her dream exemplifying that guts, passion, and confidence is all you need to succeed. We had the opportunity to meet Remi,this Fit To Lead 18 year old girl, and ask her about her story.

image1Where and how did you start your business Snipped and Styled?

I started at the conclusion of my senior year of high school.  I never wanted to show up wearing the same shirt as someone else at school, so I began cutting my own clothes. I wanted to be unique and different because that’s my personality. Since they’re handmade, my clothes will never be identical to someone else’s, which is important to me. The cuts all over my shirts will never be the same as anyone else’s shirts. Now it has grown and expanded. I have more schools than just Syracuse. There are many major schools in my inventory.

What made you decide to work with t-shirts?image1-2

A t-shirt is so basic and simple but can be created into something very unique and different. There are so many styles now just from one garment: a t-shirt.

How do you promote your business?

I like to say I’m a social media guru. I’m gaining more and more followers on all social medias and I’m at Newhouse so I learn how to market and use social media. All of these tools can help my company grow. I have a passion for what I do and a passion for social media. I use Instagram and Facebook, but because it’s more about the visual, I mainly use Instagram.

How do you balance being a normal college girl and an entrepreneur?

It is hard balancing schoolwork and Snip and Styled, it’ll be especially challenging when I go back to school because I’m growing my business so much this summer. But I’m passionate about both so I’ll definitely make it work. It gets especially challenging to keep up during football season because I do it all alone. During game days I make about 50 shirts in a period of two days. But usually, I average 25 items a week.

Who purchases your shirts?

I do sororities, camps, colleges, and recently I had a bat mitzvah order, which was amazing for my company. Now a pledge class actually wants me to do their bid day shirts, so that’s an order of 150 shirts! The business is really expanding!

image3How do your parents help you with it all?

My mom and dad work with me. They run the quickbooks and designs while I snip and style. My parents raised me like this. They are my biggest support team.

Are you inspired by anyone in particular?

I’ve always been interested in style. Growing up, my mom worked in the garment center, and she always, always dressed me. I never wore sweatpants; I was always getting dressed up. Recently at my trunk show, I was inspired by Rebecca Minkoff. She told me she started with just a t-shirt, which is incredible.

How do you handle complaints and customer service?image2

I’ve been fortunate and haven’t had many complaints. The only one I can think of is one girl said that the bottom of her shirt was too long, so I said of course I’d cut it for her. I’m always more than happy to replace any complaint I may encounter within reason. This hasn’t affected my profit, because my product is really well-made.

What are your plans for the future of Snipped and Styled?

The dream is to open up a store later in life, this is the starting place right now and I hope it can evolve into something else.

Do you think you are fit to lead and if so what does confidence mean to you?

image2 copyI believe so- I have always managed to take control and lead. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but in this case for Snipped and Styled it has proved to definitely be a good thing. Confidence is being able to speak your mind and not being fearful.  It’s about being able to voice your mind when something is important to you. You also should pave the way for others to do the same.

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