September 4 2016

The Dos and Don’ts of Sorority Recruitment

Congratulations! You’ve decided to go Greek and join a sorority on campus. This is a big decision and can also one of the best you make during your time on campus. Greek life can add a lot to your college experience. It provides a network of sisters both on your campus and across the country (especially your big and little), opportunities for community service, and of course fun events and parties. With lots of Panhellenic love, here are some DOs and DON’Ts for sorority recruitment.

DO reach out to upper classmen and older friends. They can be a great resource in this process, especially since recruitment varies slightly at each school. Just be aware that they might not be allowed to talk to you during the actual period of recruitment ,because we can’t potentially influence your decision making process. Ask them questions like what their favorite part of being in a sorority is! Personally, my favorite is having my sorority family. They help make campus feel smaller (in a good way!) and are always there to support me.

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DON’T believe in stereotypes/reputations. You might have heard things from other people about such and such sorority being the “best” one or having a specific reputation. Try not to believe these stereotypes and go into recruitment with an open mind. You never know which girls you’ll connect with most.

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DO be exactly who you are. There is no point in trying to act like someone you’re not because ultimately, you want your sisters to love you just the way you are! These girls will be with you through the good times and bad and love you just the same.

rushDON’T base your decision on your friends’ decisions. It is okay and actually quite common to be in a different sorority than your best friend. You will make tons of new friends, but that doesn’t make your best friend any less important. In fact, it’s really fun to bring friends to your date parties and vice versa. Ultimately, choose the sorority that feels like home to you.

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DO have fun/ DON’T stress too much. Everyone is nervous and the girls on the other side know this. After all, we’ve been in your shoes before. You will find the perfect fit. Just take a deep breath, smile, and put your best foot forward.

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