October 24 2016

#MailThatMatters – Meet Jolie Gray, Founder of Purpose Box

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How fun is it to get a box full of goodies in the mail? Jolie Gray found a way to make that experience even more awesome when she founded Purpose Box. (mypurposebox.com)  With Purpose Box, not only do you get the fun of receiving and enjoying your amazing curated box, but with your purchase, you are also changing the lives of others in need. Get a package. Have fun. Do good We love it!!

img_07761. What was your inspiration for founding Purpose Box?

I am a big fan of getting packages in the mail. I also love giving generously. In July of 2014, I decided to marry the two, and Purpose Box was born.

2. How did you develop your idea? Who was your sounding board?

My husband and I actually fleshed out the idea on a trip home from the beach. It’s about a two-hour drive, and when we pulled into our driveway, I had a logo, email address, Facebook page, and Instagram account (@purposebox).


3. How do you choose the items included in the box?

All items are hand-selected by me. I curate each box and try to keep items novel while also offering a balance in the types of items included. I consider price, shipping weight, size, recency of similar item(s) included in a previous box, and other variables.

4. How do you choose the overall purpose that each box benefits?

People submit their stories (or others submit them for them), and I comb through to find a fit. Adoption is near and dear to my heart (we are in the process of adopting ourselves), so many of our boxes have featured families in different places in the adoption process. We have also supported purposes that have just tugged at my heart strings or have had a personal connection. There are no real specifics for who can be included; it’s a case-by-case basis.

14191688_1466359196711315_989292534_o5. Can you share one of your success stories with us? How has purpose box helped?

We have seen many children get welcomed home to their forever families, and just in the last few days, I received word that a child in China had been moved from an orphanage to a foster home due to our purchase for the boxes.

6. How do you spread the word about Purpose Box?

We rely on social media and word of mouth. We love when people share their boxes on social media or share stories of how their shopping has been changed through Purpose Box on social media. These stories can be found using #mailthatmatters on social media.

7. What are your goals for Purpose Box? What do you hope to accomplish?

I hope to help people find spending habits that help others through their everyday purchases.

8. How can we help besides subscribing? Do you hire interns or college ambassadors?

We do not currently have interns or college ambassadors, but we are looking into how to expand. Our biggest help is when people share and spread the word! The more boxes that are purchased, the more we can donate!

purpose-box9. What has been the biggest surprise since you started Purpose Box?

I am blown away by how many companies are doing good—you just have to look a little! For me, it’s worth the look before I purchase. I hope to share that with others.

10. What do you like to do when you aren’t changing the world J?

I am a wife, mom, and avid Aggie football fan. In the fall, you can find the three of us at Kyle Field in College Station. I love lattes, being on my bike, doing yoga, making memories with family and friends, and hosting in our home.

Thank you Jolie!  Be sure and check out Purpose Box for some fun #MailThatMatters!

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