July 8 2016

Practicing Unconditional Love Takes Courage

published with permission of R. Salko

published with permission of R. Salko

There comes a moment in every person’s life at which he or she feels irreparably broken, lost, and scared. This moment stems from a broken promise to accept vulnerability, lost words that swore faithfulness, and forgotten moments that assured love. This moment is one of heartbreak.

No one is immune to this moment, as the only way to truly appreciate and understand the beauty of love in the world is to endure its painful opposite. While going through this pain is never a high moment of someone’s life, it always proves to be one of the best lessons one can learn.

When someone becomes broken, it is up to him or her to fix the problem and to come out of the hurt better and stronger than before it happened. It may take days, weeks, months, or even years to fully recover from heartbreak, but no matter how long it takes, everyone who goes through it shares a common result — they learn to love unconditionally.

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Loving someone unconditionally is not the equivalent of buying him or her numerous gifts or taking extraordinary trips around the world. Rather, it is allowing oneself to be completely vulnerable, honest, and trusting with the person he or she is with. Loving someone is easy, but being in love with someone is one of the most difficult things to achieve.

When people emerge from a place that made them feel little and worthless and transcend into a relationship that makes them feel capable of anything and immeasurably valued, practicing unconditional love becomes a task. Every new handhold with the newest significant other is a reminder that the last lover left, and every new kiss is a reminder that, sometimes, relationships don’t last forever.

But while these memories are difficult and it’s impossible to forget the scars that heartbreak left behind, holding onto the past is only detrimental to the relationship that could ultimately prove to be the one that builds up one’s confidence, pride, and ability.

Allowing oneself to open up to a significant other is difficult, and if doing so in the past led to an unhappy outcome, then vulnerability becomes much more difficult with someone new. There’s no doubt that unconditional love takes courage, as opening up one’s heart and soul and allowing another person to see all the good and bad that composes them can make one feel terrified and anxious. But by allowing this to happen, and opening one’s heart and mind to the person he or she is with, an unconditional love starts enveloping the relationship. The love sweeps in slowly, but then takes over all at once, transforming the once-feared vulnerability into an unbreakable bond of love and trust.

Being in love and practicing that love unconditionally is one of the greatest gifts of life. It is not easy by any means, but choosing to be courageous of love, rather than fearing it, proves to be one of the greatest strengths to become a person of honesty and wisdom.

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