January 22 2016

Pick of The Weekend What You Should Be Watching, Reading And Listening To This Weekend by Jordan Cohen

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It’s the weekend.  That inevitable moment comes when you’re actually not sleeping, eating, in the library, at a party or out with friends, and suddenly, predictably, you say:

boredgiphyWell, bored no more.  In this new feature, Pick of The Weekend columnist Jordan Cohen shares her advice for what you should be watching, reading and listening to this weekend.  You’re welcome!!
1. Without You- Parachute

2. #Beautiful-Mariah Carey & Miguel

3. 7 years- Lukas Graham

1. The F-it List- Julie Halpern

2. Easy- Tammara Weber

3. Looking For Alaska- John Green

TV Shows:
1. United States of Tara

2. House MD

3. Grounded for Life

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