January 19 2016

Our Favorite Fitness Apps by Zara Puskuldjian

article-110There are different fitness applications that do completely different things, and there are multiple fitness applications that do the exact same thing!  It’s just about finding which one is right for you. There are fitness applications that connect you with others for support, and there are ones that set and track goals you set in place for yourself to boost your confidence.  There are apps that have you competing against others to help yourself and apps where you can follow along with different coaches and do different workout routines, but the greatest thing about fitness apps is that there are so many different and unique ones.  You just need to find one that fits you best and lets you set your own goals while maintaining a certain pace and lifestyle that fits you. Here are a few fitness applications that I thought were some of the most successful and would be fun to try:

workout1. Runtastic Six-pack App
Student? Fitness and nutrition junkie? Traveler? This app is perfect for anyone looking for instructional videos that you can do anytime or anywhere. This app includes custom workouts, exercise instructions, and ab trainers sent right to your phone, iPad and even Apple watch. Runtastic Six Pack has many different features and benefits that can help you right from your pocket.

2. ExerciseTV
– Personally this is one of my favorite apps that I have recently discovered.  With this app, you can stream 10-30 minute exercises on your phone from professional trainers. These simple routines come with step by step videos and a timer to allow you to follow along and easily understand the exercise. This app features 6 main categories; Abs, Arms, Butt, Cardio, Legs and Full Body workouts.
nike-sports3. Nike Women Training Club
-This app does a great thing by making one feel very confident when trying to be in control of their fitness life. This app offers over 100 different work outs by trainers at all different levels and even lets you create your own custom workout that you can access from anytime or anywhere.

4. RunKeeper
– This app uses the GPS in your phone to track your running on a map along with all other activities. This app is for everyone whether you just want to use it for fun or motivation, if you’re a beginner runner or doing a marathon. Not only does it track your route, but it also calculates your running pace, cycling speed, distance, elevation and amount of calories you’re burning. You can also connect your music or Spotify to play while you are running.

5. EndomondoEndomondo-App-Screenshot.gif
– Just like other running apps like RunKeeper Endomondo uses your GPS to monitor your favorite sport while playing music. This could be running, walking, hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding etc.  You can be interactive with your friends to keep you motivated, and you can even get audio feedbacks on your process.

6. Daily Burn
-This app combines exercise and tracking your calories together in one application. It includes a new workout every day at 9AM for different level learners. It also has a scanner where you can scan a product for all the nutritional information you on it. This is helpful when you are setting and tracking calorie goals and food intake for yourself.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, stay healthy, eat better, work on your fitness or even achieve your New Year’s resolution (remember those?) don’t forget how helpful your phone and its handy apps can be, offering a great alternative to DVDs and other workout routines that you have to buy and that could be very expensive.

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