February 2 2016

Why I Love Orangetheory by Hallie Salko

Base. Push. ALL OUT.

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Orangetheory is an interval training workout where you’ll be motivated to push yourself and test your limits on the treadmill, in the weight room, and on the rowers. The results of this workout are unbelievable.  The instructors are incredible, and the best part is you can’t wait to go back for more.
Here’s why I love Orangetheory:

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I first started going to Orangetheory last year and immediately became addicted. I’m going to be honest with you.  I’m a teeny tiny bit competitive when it comes to working out.. and may be the person who’s running next to you going 5.1 miles an hour simply because you’re running at 5mph (I am deeply sorry).

tumblr_m2ayigyzfV1ro3593o1_500But what’s amazing about Orangetheory is that when I’m there, I’m no longer that utter b**ch you hate, because I have someone else to be competitive with… me (and kinda secretly you)!! My love for that heart rate monitor screen is unreal (attn: Orangetheory people, I would like to buy the inventor flowers for Valentine’s day… please be in touch).
Screenshot 2016-02-01 21.30.33As I’m sweating my ass off, I get to watch as the number of calories I am burning rises and rises making me eager to burn more! And in addition to this, I’m able to rack up splat points (points gained in the ORANGE heart rate zone… I think I forgot to mention that you can also see your heart rate zone) ,and any type of points are a win in my book.  Yay for #winning!

So besides enabling me to be nice while working out, there are many other reasons I fell in love with this amazing place.  One of them is the amazing instructors.   (I know I mentioned them before, but just in case you didn’t read carefully,  I said it again!).

IMG_2599These instructors are really there for you.  They will push you to be your best and encourage you to do more than you thought you could do. Not to mention they’re also in phenomenally good shape, which will make you a little jealous tbh but will also motivate you to give it your all.  Thanks OTF staff for being killer inspiration xoxo.
How many times have you gone to the gym and only run on the treadmill, because you honestly didn’t know how to work anything else without looking like an idiot,  and then you ended up extremely bored?  … That’s me X 100 (So time to confess.  I know it’s you too… and yes it’s the same if you’re on the elliptical).

weightliftinggiphyWell guess what! At Orangetheory you’re going to be working out out your whole body,  so, welcome to the dark side, we’ve been expecting you!  Kill it in the weight room as you follow the reps put on the video screen so you actually know what you are doing until your arms, legs, and abs burn with that muscle building feeling.

15f43055_22-our-philosophy.xxxlargeTest your limits on the rowers, as you beat your time, and obviously on the ever famous treadmill.   Shake it up with three different paces to really get that sweat flowing… because sweating looks so good on us ;).

Another thing I love is the online booking system- no longer shall I back out of a workout- (You can if you need to, but honestly you’ll never regret booking). It’s a healthy addiction, and it’s worth it. My personal promise to you is that you wont regret it, and by the way, the first class is free.  So now you know some of the reasons I love it.  And now here are the reasons YOU’LL love it:

1)  Love it because Hallie Salko (thats me!) loves it, and I am the obvious choice for YOUR fitness inspiration. You’re welcome…

tumblr_ncaosqlKdg1s0teago1_4002) Ok… maybe #1 isn’t that accurate

sweatgiphyBut you’re going to Sweat… a lot.  (Note for all y’all love bugs out there, I hate to break it to you, but unless you would love to see each other all gross and sweaty, this may not be your ideal first date… BUT 100% great place for a second date.  I highly recommend.)
everythinghurtsgiphy3) Feel the burn! Trust me,you will feel it, not in a painful, just leave me here to die, type of way, but in a way that makes you want to keep going, because you know you’re going to accomplish something… which leads me to #4 (Please continue, thanks!)


Don’t pretend like you don’t see them, because you do,  and you know everyone else does too. Why do you think everyone’s staring as you walk by?  That’s right.   It’s all because of our pal Orange (Orangetheory that is), and we are eternally grateful.

this is the bestHonestly, this is one of the best workouts if you want to see those fast super model, “how did they get like that so fast” results, because the way the workout is designed, you are targeting all the key areas of your body, and working them just right, building muscle and getting toned in the process.  RIP fat cells  (Ceremony will be held Feb 15- Everyone’s invited.   More details to come.  JK)

strong is the new sexy5) Never knew it was possible to burn so many calories in an hour!  The average calories burned during the class range from 500-1000!!! i’ll give you a second to take that in…

Now, I’m going to tell you a secret. Are you ready? (shhh).   That number doesn’t even include all the calories you continue to burn for 24-36 hours after you’re done… I know unbelievable. I think I’ll give you another second to process.

ryan gosling

Question: Shuga how you look so fine?
Answer: Orangetheory.

Oh, and tell them, Hallie sent you!

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