July 11 2017

One Massive Party: The Wild Hearts Conference

Meet Lin and Lo, co- founders of The Wild Hearts Co. – a place for dream chasers, magic makers and action takers! Wild Hearts brings women together and provides them with the tools they need to make their dreams a reality! This July 20th-21st you can attend the Wild Hearts Conference a two day event in Brooklyn for all the dream chasers and entrepreneurs who want to get out there and make things happen!

Tell us a little about yourselves.

Hi! We’re Lin + Lou — we owe a lot to Tulsa, Oklahoma for bringing us together. It’s where we met, lived, worked, and discovered that we made a really great duo. In 2012, we both moved from Tulsa to opposite coasts. Lou got married and moved to Orlando, Florida and Lin moved back to the California sunshine and the good weather of San Diego.

Our passion for helping people and making an impact on the world brought is what us together. We met working at non-profit organization where we had the opportunity to work hand-in-hand in order to bring sustainable change to people around the globe. Together, we traveled all over the world and took part in ground-breaking initiatives that included bringing clean water to the people of the San Blas Islands, bringing freedom and aid to women enslaved in the red light districts of Asia and South America, and rescuing orphans of the streets of Asia.

The core of who we are is humanitarians who are willing to live a wild and unpredictable life to chase dreams. Over the years, we’ve discovered that the greatest thing we could ever do is to find a need and fill it. So, that’s who we are — two best friends on a mission to use our creativity, skills, and knowledge in order to fill the gaps and bring hope to those around us.

Today, we are still living bi-coastal and are the co-founders of Wild Hearts Co. — a brand designed to bring the dreamers, magic makers, and action takers together in order to be inspired and empowered to make their dreams a sparkling reality.

What is the Wild Hearts Conference? When is it?

Wild Hearts Conference is a two day rally of dreamers happening July 20th-21st in Brooklyn, NY. it’s for the women who refuse to live an average life and are ready to dive into the grandness life has to offer. it’s for the women and entrepreneurs who want to throw their hair up, roll up their sleeves, get their hustle on, and make magic happen in the world. it’s for the women who aren’t afraid of the process but will do what it takes to live the life they were created to live — a life full of purpose, wild and untamed

The conference will be featuring a line-up of speakers who  are authors, leaders of social enterprises, humanitarians, artist, ted-talk speakers, advocates for justice, innovators, and culture influencers.

Our mission is to inspire with stories + empower them with tools in order to help them take their dreams and make them a sparkling reality.

How did you come up with the idea for the conference?

In 2015, we launched Wild Hearts Wknds — a touring retreat featuring wkshops — after our first year of touring the U.S. we realized —THIS IS NEEDED! We realized that women were craving a place where they could gather, feel a sense of belonging, and be reminded that they are strong enough to make their dreams a reality. Since our wknd getaways are limited to twenty women per a city, we wanted to create a space that was uncapped and had unlimited potential to influence the lives of women. With our a deep love for a good party, we decided to launch conference and create a space for women to rally together to meet, collaborate, and celebrate each other along the way.

Who will be at the conference?

All the cool kids —! But, really! We are so dang excited — from speakers, to panelist, to attendees we feel like we have the most amazing + inspiring women making their way to Brooklyn for conference. There is a collection of women who are creatives, entrepreneurs, writers, humanitarians, photographers, and movement makers attending. Conference is an open invitation to women who want to take on the dare to live life to its fullest and chase their wild ideas + dreams.

Is there any chance to get to know other attendees before the event?

YES! We have a private Facebook Group for all the attendees. It’s giving them a chance to connect before conference. It’s pretty special.

What do you think is special about your conference?  What do you want to be known for?

We may be biased — but we think there are so many things that make our conference special. The conference is a reflection of our personalities and friendship. There’s a deep heart + soul element, but at the same time — we’re two best friends who like to have a good time and pop open the champagne as often as possible! So, you can expect it to be fun, too! More than anything though, we want to be known for being strictly inclusive. We want people to attend Wild Hearts and feel like they belong, like they found their sisterhood who is gonna stick by them through the highs + lows. We never want anyone to feel excluded or feel as if they have to change who the are to “fit in”. We’re firm believers in owning your quirks + using them to make a dent in the world!

Can you share with us who some of the speakers are?

We are beyond honored to have some our best friends + favorite humans taking the stage at Wild Hearts Conference. Eryn Eddy (founder of So Worth Loving), Hannah Brencher (Author of “If You Find This Letter), Liz Bohannon (founder of Sseko Designs) will all be there! In addition to Ruthie Lindsey, Kendall Hanna, Joanna Waterfall, Alex Michael May, and Christa Baca.

These women are straight up powerhouses! They are pioneering the way for women in the world— and true examples of what it means to pursue your ideas with bravery and a wild heart.

How did you choose the name Wild Hearts?

Wild Hearts is a declaration of who we want to become + what we hope to see women in our community become. No matter the season, no matter the current reality, no matter what culture or society says — we hope to see women rise up with bravery in their hearts, hope in their souls, and with a belief that anything can happen. We hope that regardless of setbacks, failures, or challenges — we, as women, continue to pursue our dreams with wild hearts that cannot be broken.

Tell us how your blog, your conference and your weekends all fit together.

It’s kinda like a mosaic — all the pieces tie into each other and create one big masterpiece. Each pieces gives our audience the ability connect, be inspired, and be empowered as they chase their dreams. The blog is often time people’s first encounter with Wild Hearts. Conference is the place where women can get offline and meet other members of the community IRL. It’s major source of inspiration! Then, wknds is taking everything a step further and joining an intimate gathering of twenty women and learning the practical tools you need to make your dreams come true.

Are tickets still available?  What is included in the ticket price?  How do we get tickets?

Yes, you can still get a ticket for conference happening July 20-21. Head on over to www.thewildheartsconference.com and use the promo code FITTOLEAD150 to get $150 off your conference ticket. We can’t wait to see you there!

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