May 13 2016

Why Nurses Should Be As Appreciated As Doctors

I’m going to be honest, since I was 3 years old, I’ve always had my heart set on being a doctor.

A drawing I made in preschool

A drawing I made in preschool

It wasn’t until two years ago that I realized nursing was actually right for me. When people ask me why, I often struggle how to put it into words. So here it goes.  
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Doctors are crucial to the practice of medicine as they build the treatment plan. However, a nurse’s job is to get it done. Nurses should be just as appreciated as doctors, if not more. Many years ago, nurses were in charge of jobs similar to household chores, but now the field of nursing has changed drastically, and nurses are the backbone of the medical field.


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Nursing is a profession that focuses less on the science behind the disease, and more about the science of caring. Nurses are the bridge between patients and doctors. The nurses are the ones who are always there next to the patient’s bedside, providing comfort, love, and compassion. A nurse knows their patients inside and out. Especially when it comes to children, nurses know what the patient’s favorite toy is, or what their favorite popsicle flavor is. Kids are often scared of doctors and rely on the nurse as someone who is “on their side.” The nurse translates what the doctor’s say into every common language and explain the why’s.
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Nurses have huge hearts; they prioritize everyone else’s happiness and needs above their own. They are truly angels in human form. Nurses give a piece of themselves to their patients. Despite the way that any nurse’s day is going, they keep their heads high with a smile on their faces because they know that someone is going through something much worse, possibly even something life-threatening, and it’s their jobs to treat their patients with the highest quality of care that they can possibly give to them at that time. At the end of the day, nurses make people feel better. They are allowed into someone’s life during their most vulnerable time and trusted. It is a profession that allows you to see people at their worst, while helping them get better and become their best.

courtesy J. Cohen

People become nurses because they want to give. There are parts of the job that aren’t exactly glamorous. Nurses have long shifts, often don’t have time to sit or take a break to eat, and they have to clean up after patients. However, every minute is worth it because they are making a difference in someone’s day, and even life.  It takes a very special person to be a nurse. Nurses are not only incredibly smart, because I’ll tell you, nursing school isn’t easy, but a nurse must be warm-hearted, reliable, compassionate, and loving. Nurses help their patients in a way that no amount of medicine can.  Being able to make someone comfortable and loved in hospital environment is a gift that only a nurse has.  By building a bond with the patients, or even just sharing a smile and having a conversation, they can take a patient’s mind off of the struggles that they are going through at that time.

So, make sure you thank a nurse today, and every day. After all, “doctors cure diseases, nurses cure patients.”

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