January 10 2017

Nobody Warned Me! Reflections On Life In The Real World.

As recent college graduates, my friends and I are constantly asked what it’s like to be living in the “real world,” so here it is – the good, the bad and the ugly of life and work after college:
What is the most surprising aspect of working full-time?

“How miserable a lot of people are, but how they are also very accepting because it pays the bills.”

Most bosses fail to understand their employees on a personal level. They do not engage in conversation and they just bark out orders, thus creating some sort of division between boss and employee. You begin to view him or her as someone who pays your bills rather than a human who has worked hard to open a company/business and hire you. I begin to care less about who I’m working for and care more about the job itself. But then, over time, you begin to feel inferior while your employer grows more superior.”

“The financial freedom I felt making my own money to pay for all the things that I want and my life accommodations, such as rent, car payment, etc. It really gives you a strong sense of confidence to be able to support yourself and not to rely on others.”

What do you think the ‘bosses’ don’t understand about the millennials?

“Bosses fail to acknowledge the reality our generation faces, not only with employment, but with expectations. A college degree is worth almost the same as a high school degree in today’s economy, so while employers continue to raise the bars higher, the standards millennials must uphold are often unrealistic If employers took the time to understand their employees on a more personal level (asked about family, gave more motivating compliments, showed compassion, etc.) I strongly believe the respect level between both would be significantly higher. Instead of going to work with fake smiles and nonchalant attitudes, it’d be more refreshing to enjoy who you work for instead of just enjoying the job itself. Make employees feel more appreciated.”

“Most bosses don’t understand that people in our generation have a lot of ingenuity if you give us the tools to try things our way rather than sticking with traditional practices.”

“I don’t think bosses understand that communication is one of the most important things and having an open and honest conversation with your employees is something that needs to be implemented in every single job.”

What’s surprised you about the real world?  Let us know by commenting below.

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