August 13 2015

My Work Style – What’s In My Work Purse by Celia Schieffelin

I am a 19 year old rising junior at the University of Miami and I am studying finance and management. No, I don’t let the intimidation of the finance world shake my confidence (and you shouldn’t be either).   In fact, I love my internship at a top finance firm in NYC. I’ve learned a lot and mastered a few things here and there, but let’s be real, I wouldn’t be half the successful finance intern I am today without my work purse.  

My work bag, which often feels like a bottomless pit, has a life of its own. I carry the Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather Tote in the color Dark Dune by Michael Kors. Its clean finished leather in a tan-brown with subtle MK logos creates a timeless minimalistic look- it also matches everything! The look is so timeless that I’ve actually seen tons of them being carried all over NYC by businesswomen and fashionistas alike. Anyways, the real story lies in the contents of this vast bag:

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 2.18.13 PM

-Gum, because coffee breath is cruel and unforgiving

-Mascara, my only makeup, it’s low maintenance and makes me look less zombie-ish

-Mirror, how do you think I put the mascara on? Selfie-mode on my phone? Pfft.

-Band aids, one word: blisters.

-Umbrella, the one day you don’t bring one it actually rains, excuse me, POURS

-Flip Flops, I am not walking ten blocks in my heels

-My heels, helps me level-up to the taller guys in the office and makes me feel confident

-A book, in case I have to ride the train for an hour with no phone

-Chap stick, no description needed

-Sunglasses, for when it’s too sunny

-My glasses, for when I need to actually see

-Water bottle, gotta stay hydrated/hold onto it until I can find a recycling bin

-My wallet, duh

-Hand sanitizer, I love NYC but it’s gross

-Mini bag of pretzels, always keep a snack on you

-Granola bar, what? I love snacks…

-Hair clip, keeps the hair out of my face while maintaining a professional look

-Pony tail, for when my hair can’t be contained by one single clip

-Face wipes, because sometimes around 2-4pm I feel greasy, ew

-Train pass, for my daily commute

-Car keys, because I needed a way to get to and from the train station

-Pills, well I shouldn’t say “pills”, more like tons of Advil

-Headphones, to tune out the beautiful musical that is NYC traffic

-Tissues, just plain necessary

-Business Cards, from people I met, I should probably put those somewhere…

-Pen, my mom taught me to never leave the house without a pen, it comes in handy

-Sticky notes, to write on with my pen

-Phone Charger, to keep me charged at my desk

Portable Charger, no one wants to ride the train for an hour with no phone

So 28 items and what can feel like 10 pounds later, I may still have to take my work laptop and notebook home. Yes, it all fits, but I would call that my maximum capacity. As you may (or may not) have noticed, I saved the best for last. My portable charger is my lifeline and I’ve spent years looking for the perfect one. Not only does my charger charge an iPhone 6 at least two full times, but it’s lightweight and compact- and we’re not just saying this to be nice.

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