14 July 2015


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  1. I’m a professional civil engineer my path to higher education was not easy. And so I have always tried to teach kids in high schools to keep head up and dream big like I did despite all negative economic , emotional , and psychological trauma in self or surrounding family and community.

    I survived my painful childhood and attended UC Berkeley undeclared moving to math college to transfer to engineering college. It was a huge task unseen by many but not enough walls built high to stop me from climbing.

    I graduate and commence a future in a male dominated field filled with sexist, racist, and bullying culture that propelled me to get out of my shy shell person to a once again confident persona I had in college.

    Later I started a family with a domestic violent man had 3 kids in 5 yr a strange marriage. Ended in divorce and single beating that almost took my life. But I survived this and much more during 3 year divorce that I litigated myself to keep custody of my kids and loose all material things to him in exchange for custody of my 3 kids. I won. 100% custody due to violent event he was not fit parent.

    I now truely enjoy my career and family with a balance emotional and economic healthy life I recreated with once again a fighting tenasoty spirit and tools to succeed.

    I want for others what I want for myself.

    Si my passion is helping women in any situación good or oppressive excell find their motivation to thrive in any definition they define for them selves.

    Solutions is my passion.

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