December 13 2015

Making Your Getaway – Packing for Break by Caroline Granger

Whether you live 1 or 1,000 miles away from where you attend college, you’re probably going home for break, and going home for break means the one thing we all dread: packing. I live in Cleveland, Ohio, and attend the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, so as you can imagine packing is quite the struggle for a girl who loves fashion but also loves not checking a bag for a week at home. I manage to fit all of my clothes, hair accessories and products, books, and everything else I need into my carry-ons. Can you? Here is my advice for packing light, while packing everything you’ll need:

  1. Use a small rolling suitcase AND a backpack as your carry on.

I don’t know if you know how to play the system, but those 3 words might as well be my middle name(s). Using these two items as a means of storage is probably the best thing ever when it comes to air travel. I put all of my books, laptop, snacks, and a couple articles of clothing in my backpack, along with my toiletries, and then shove the rest of my items in my rolling suitcase. Just make sure it fits the guidelines to be a carry on, because you don’t want to have to check anything when you’re just trying to go home for a week or two.

rolled clothes2. Roll your clothes army style

I know rolling up your clothes seems like a terrible, wrinkle laden activity, but it actually prevents wrinkles and also gives you more room for clothes simultaneously. All you have to do is fold each article of clothing in half, long ways, and roll up as tight as you can, then stack all of the rolls on top of each other in your bag. This way, you can bring everything you want without worrying about ruining your wardrobe.

3. Be stingy on what you pack

This might be hard for some of my fashionistas, as it was for me. When deciding on what to pack and what not to pack, you need to think about how the weather is at home and what you’ll actually be wearing there. For me, I really shouldn’t be bringing my Lilly skirt or Jacks sandals because in November, although beautiful in Miami, the weather is freezing cold in Ohio. All I should really be packing are my favorite workout clothes, a pair of nikes, some jeans, and some cardigans. Everything else is waiting for me at home, and even though that new tank top is super cute, it’s just not practical to bring back to a place where on a good day it will be 40 degrees. Think logically!

todogiphy4. Make a List and Be Proactive

I’ve forgotten to do this one too many times. I think it’s so important to plan ahead for what you’re going to pack. Nobody wants to have ten minutes to throw together all of their things and run out of the door to barely make their flight. Make a list of everything you need, and then pack the night before you leave to avoid the ever-present problem of forgetting essential items and missing flights.

Safe travels and have a great break!

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