February 13 2017

Make yourself your Valentine this Year

Once the New Year’s party hats and confetti are all swept away into the local party store stock room, some of the most dreaded party decorations begin to surface; cupid, angels, and all things surrounded by hearts. Smiles turn to frowns on the faces of thousands of beautiful people all over the world, simply because they feel left out of a holiday others are celebrating. If you’re not among the small percentage of people who owns stock in Hallmark Valentine’s Day greeting cards, and are starting to find yourself cringing over the exorbitant number of lovey- dovey instagram posts or have been on the verge of screaming at the next Zales commercial you see on your tv; it is time to take a step back & a deep breath, you can still have a love filled Valentine’s Day… with one small catch-

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Be honest with yourself. When is the last time you treated yourself to your favorite dinner, ice cream, or a cupcake from your favorite pastry shop? How about a manicure, a facial, or a massage? What about a bath bomb from Lush? A haircut, a shopping day? Time with a good book, a hobby, friends, family? How about just five minutes of peace and quiet? Valentine’s Day is already a holiday about celebrating the ones you love.  Did you ever stop to think why that person can’t be you?
When you take care of yourself, you, in turn, take care of others. You give yourself time to relax, regroup, and recharge. It’s not always so easy being a twenty- something year old female in this hectic world. Imagine, if instead of eating another kale salad for lunch (that you don’t even love that much), you got yourself a treat, your favorite (a dark chocolate cupcake perhaps) instead?
A guilty little pleasure right in the middle of your workday; sounds to me like a good way to turn around a Tuesday! Maybe then, on your commute home when you get cut off, you’ll remember the moment of bliss from your chocolate filled “lunch”, and you’ll be a little less likely yell and honk your horn, potentially creating a dangerous situation. Then, because you didn’t get yourself upset on your drive home, you greet your family, your roommates, your friends, your dog, or whomever else you encounter from that moment on, with an open, friendly, loving demeanor.

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Taking care of yourself is never a selfish act, for it means being able to give more to others. You can have the best pilot in the world, but if no one pays attention to the broken plane itself, the pilot’s skills alone won’t be enough to make the plane fly. Remembering to make time to take care of ourselves is a difficult task, but it’s necessary. You must love yourself before you try to love another, as you can never pour from an empty cup.

So maybe this Valentine’s Day, go for it; take care of you, be your own Valentine, and as they say,Treat Yo Self”.

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  1. Danielle ,, i’m so impress with you new venture and all of your
    hard work that I’m committing 1 hour a day to better health
    I think you’r ”post ” is FABULOUS …….
    Sincerity , John Cin

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