May 2 2016

Connect To Confidence With Singing Sensation Madison Beer

Who better to Connect To Confidence with than Madison Beer?  In advance of Connect To Confidence on May 21, we asked Madison to share her story with us.  

image courtesy of M. Beer

image courtesy of M. Beer

1. When did you first know you were passionate about music?

I’ve known I was passionate about music ever since I could talk. Music has always been an important part of my life and has helped me through tough times.

2. Who are some of the other artists that inspire you?

I don’t have any one particular artist who inspires me. If I had to choose, probably Rihanna. I love her vibe.

3. Do you ever feel scared when you are about to perform or record?  How do you get over that nervous feeling?

I never feel scared when I’m recording; I feel very at home in the studio. Sometimes I get nervous before performing, but once I’m on stage, the nerves go away. Nerves are temporary. If you’ve practiced enough and are confident in your abilities, you shouldn’t worry.

4. Have your friends supported you?  Has your fame changed your relationship with them?

My friends have supported me, but I have also lost touch with a lot of them, which is natural since we don’t have the opportunity to hang out as much. My fans have always been super supportive.

5. Tell us about your journey from starting out to where you are now.  What has surprised you the most?

It’s been a really unbelievable journey. I posted a YouTube video when I was 12 , and I got discovered and offered a recording deal. I moved out to Los Angeles and have been doing music ever since. The thing that has surprised me the most is how caring and loving my fans are. It’s incredible, they’d do anything for me and always stand up for me.

6. What’s next on the horizon for you?

I have an album coming out in the next few months that I’m really excited to finally share with my fans.

7.  You’re on social media a lot. Sometimes it’s great, and sometimes there’s some pretty mean stuff said about you. How do you deal with that? How do you stay confident and not let it get you down?

 I try to focus on the positive side of things. I have so many amazingly positive and supportive fans that it’s hard to get distracted by the negative aspects of social media.

8.  You’ve been to New York fashion week, and you’ve been recognized for your amazing style. What are you wearing this spring?

I don’t know. I don’t think too much about what I wear. My style is pretty chill, I don’t like to be in heels. I’m more comfortable wearing regular clothes.

9. What’s your favorite inspirational quote or saying?

‘If there is a positive and negative wolf fighting, who will win? The answer is, whoever you will feed will win.’

image sourced via pinterest.com

image sourced via pinterest.com

10.What does She’s Fit To Lead mean to you?  How does someone show they are fit to lead?

Anyone who has a positive outlook on life and who wants to help to make the world a better place can be a leader.

Thank you so much, Madison, for sharing your thoughts with us.  Find out more about how Madison connects to confidence. Join us on May 21. For tickets and more information, click [here].

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