February 19 2016

What To Do When You’re This Close To Losing It by Rochell Rotenberg

It’s midterm season- and you know what that means. Caffeine overload, the realization that you started studying way too late, and stress. Lots and lots of stress.


Sound familiar? FEAR NOT- years of test taking anxiety have given me the perfect routine to de-stress, recuperate, and truly kick midterm season’s butt.

excellentgiphyFirst things first: calm dowwwwwwwn. Stress and anxiety often trigger a poor sleeping routine, stress pimples, and a cluttered mind. When you know you’re about to have a lot to do in the upcoming weeks, prepare yourself in every way you can. Do a hair mask (Coconut oil in dry hair overnight makes your hair silky smooth, and it smells sooo yummy) and a face scrub (mix honey, sugar, and coconut butter together- super easy & super moisturizing!!). Both these things will help you feel more refreshed and awake when getting ready to study.

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Cut back on the coffee– before you ask for a triple shot of espresso at Starbucks to try to get you through the day, try something new- Green & Jasmine tea have an ample amount of caffeine, and are a lot better for your health and less addictive than a cup of Joe. My favorite is Mighty Leaf’s Jasmine Fancy Tea.

Instead of reaching for candy or soda when you’re hungry and studying– which usually give you a short-lived sugar high and a strong crash- reach for a clementine, banana, blueberry, or apricot. These fruits give you the same sugar content without the crash. And, of course, so much healthier!

Get organized: scheduling is so important when you have busy weeks coming up. Invest in a planner, and use it. Write out what you have to do, but make it reasonable. Space it out, and definitely give yourself free time. I also tend to make a checklist because I absolutely love the feeling of crossing something off the list and feeling accomplished.


Lastly, and definitely the most important: please remember that your health is always top priority. Do your best and that will forever be good enough. You’ll get through it because you are strong, smart, and beautiful.

Happy Studying!
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