June 25 2016

Life After Depression

licensed via adobe stock photos

licensed via adobe stock photos

When depression hits, life becomes overshadowed by a dark, looming storm cloud that seems to grow exponentially as the days linger on. Day after day, the cloud grows larger and more dangerous, creating a wake of emotional and mental torture for its victim until one day, it suddenly starts to dissipate.

As it slowly dissolves and rays of sun start to reemerge, it feels as though the day that depression will finally be gone forever will arrive at any moment. But the truth is, the depression never goes away. Not completely.

Life feels wonderful, for the most part. Days, weeks, and months can go by without depression peeking around the corner of the office wall, through the bedroom window, or from the clouds above; however, that doesn’t mean it is not still there, patiently waiting for the perfect moment to restate its presence.

The day will eventually come where the stress has lingered too long, the emotions have built up too far, and the wrong words have made their way too deep into your soul. Depression will latch on, and it will feel as though every good day, every moment of happiness, every second of trying as hard as possible to smile and love life as much as possible was for nothing, as if they were all useless.

Life will undoubtedly feel as it did when you were deep into depression’s storm cloud the first time around. This time, however, it will be different because you are stronger than you were the first time.

This time, you are prepared.
This time, you know how to handle the situation.
This time, the storm cloud will not flourish.

Don’t be mistaken, this bout of depression will be difficult, perhaps even more difficult than the first time. It may drain all of your energy, confiscate your time, and steal your sleep for the time it is here, but it will not last long because this time, you know what you need to feel better. You know how to fight off the evil that lurks. You are a warrior and you know you will not give up.

The truth is, depression never leaves; it lingers, always keeping an eye for the most opportune moment to make its way back into power. But even though it is there indefinitely, it doesn’t mean that it will definitely be the most present force in your life.

Each day, you grow stronger and it becomes weaker.
Every moment you smile bigger, depression frowns and becomes smaller.
And every second you realize that you are OK, depression finds its insignificance.

You are so much more than the depression that attempts to confine you. It will try as hard as it can to build up your walls and dim your light, but you have a light that cannot be dimmed and a soul that cannot be contained. Your light will continue to shine brighter with each passing day and your life will continue to prosper and glow. The fight against depression is the fight of a lifetime, but it is not a fight that’s impossible.

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