March 8 2017

Simple Ways to Lend a Lady a Hand

In honor of #InternationalWomensDay I thought I’d shed light on how we can simply support other ladies.

1. Judge them Less

Instead of judging other women for their habits, decisions or beliefs, start to look at every lady with the respect that you want. Be in awe of them and don’t try and change them. They, just like you are uniquely created and have value and purpose.

2. Support their wild dreams

You and I both know that we have WILD dreams. We want to own our own businesses, travel the world, make a difference and more. I know sometimes when your friends or lady colleagues share these crazy dreams with us we can easily roll our eyes and think, “okay yeah like that will ever happen.” Instead of sharing with them practical reasons why their dreams will never come true, support their endeavors. Listen to their dreams, ask about their progress towards them and be inspired by their motivation.

3. Compliment them

I know how great it feels to be complimented on my character, work or looks. You know your friends think well of you, but words of affirmation can leave a lasting impression and make your friendship stronger. Tell your friends genuine compliments when you think of them rather than holding them in. If you’re impressed by their recent accomplishments say something like, “congratulations, you are such a hard worker and inspire me.” or “I love your thoughtfulness.” These words will certainly take your friend or stranger by surprise and she will never forget it.

4. Do something for a friend without looking for a returned favor

I sometimes fall guilty of giving something to someone and in the back of my mind wondering or hoping I get something in return from them. Let go of your expectations in your relationships. Go out of your way to be of service to another lady, tell them a genuine compliment and be happy that you had a positive effect on their day. Giving people a part of your light will in return light you up without you actually receiving a favor, compliment or physical gift.

5. Help the girl on the struggle bus

We’ve all been on the struggle bus – Those days when we simply can’t seem to do anything right. We spill coffee on our shirt on the way to work, we forget a really important note for a meeting or we spill our lunch in the workroom. We all know the horrible feeling of riding the struggle bus, but how often do we lend a hand to those we see struggling? While it may be hard, don’t laugh at the girl who takes a tumble down the stairs, and instead, imagine what it would be like if you were in her shoes. Offer the girl help to pick up her pieces. Stand with her in support during her embarrassment and rough times rather than mocking or thinking “thank god that’s not me.” Even verbal support can be SO helpful. Ask the girl how she is doing later in the day and show that you care. Knowing that other ladies are standing in the fight to help one another rather than laugh at one another at our low points can be seriously uplifting.

What simple ways do you like to lend ladies a hand?

This week, I challenge you to do one of thing in support of another woman.

Choose to be part of the community of women instead of in competition!

XO – Morgan, of the Mint+Mo Lifestyle Blog


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