July 18 2016

Meet Katie Farello, Founder of Kt Farello

Logomonday motivator

It’s getting to be that time again.  Believe it or not, before you know it, it will be game day.  Are you ready?  Katie Farello wants to make sure you are with her amazing designs and fantastic looks.  Meet today’s Monday Motivator, Katie Farello:

1) Whats your name/ whats your  business name?

Hi, I’m Katie “Kt” Farello, and my business is Kt Farello Designs.

2) Where are you currently in school? 

I am currently a rising Junior at Tulane University studying Marketing and Management.

3) How did you start your business?


Image published with permission from K. Farello

Growing up, I was always playing around with Photoshop on my computer. During my freshman year of college, I spent weeks searching for the perfect Tulane and AEΦ stickers to show off on my laptop case only to be disappointed with the same old designs available online. That’s when I decided to create my own fun stickers, and upload them to Redbubble (http://katiefarello.redbubble.com)! At first, I made designs for my friends and family, however over time, I started getting requests from people all around the country. What started out as a hobby designing on Photoshop grew into my very own creative graphic design business!

4) How do you get inspiration for your designs?

Phone Cases

Image published with permission from K. Farello

When I start a new design, I get inspiration from my own closet, as well as from my friends’. I spend a lot of time on Instagram looking at my friend’s pictures to see what they’re into because I know that they will be the ones wearing my designs.

5) Who are your style influencers/ favorite fashionistas?

Zara Terez Tisch, a young entrepreneur and founder of Terez (@terez), creates colorful and graphic apparel that has influenced my bolder pieces. Her mission to “design radiant clothes that spread unfiltered positivity everywhere you go,” is a concept that resonates with me and my goals for Kt Farello Designs.

All of the leggings

Image published with permission from K. Farello

6) Whats your favorite binge watch?

My all time favorite binge watch is How I Met Your Mother, and a new favorite is Broad City.

7) Whats your favorite guilty pleasure?

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My guilty pleasure is singing way too loudly while driving (or this basically)!

After a long day of working on my computer, I love driving aimlessly with the windows down, and a 90’s throwback or new Drake song on loud.

8) What has been a major business victory for you// when was the moment you knew it was real?


Image published with permission from K. Farello

A major business victory for me was when I created an Instagram (@katiefarello_designs) to promote my Mardi Gras apparel line. I was overwhelmingly surprised and grateful to see how many people had worn my designs during Mardi Gras and posted their #ktfdesigns apparel pics. I’m also inspired everyday that I walk into class or the library and see my stickers on students’ laptops. It motivates me to keep creating fashionable things for my peers.

9) Whats your favorite design?

My favorite design would have to be my new Tulane Collage (coming soon on apparel!). I started my business last May with the simple ‘Tulane’ script sticker, and I think this new design expresses the heart I put into my work, and the progress I’ve made over the past year.

10) What would be your favorite tailgate look with your designs? 

Here’s two of my favorite tailgate looks with my designs. The first looks features a Tulane sports bra (coming soon!) with tailgate temporary tattoos and the other shows the best selling Tulane leggings with the Tie-Dye Roll Wave shirt!


Image published with permission from K. Farello

Business Instagram: @katiefarello_designs
Personal Instagram: @katiefarello

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