November 30 2018

KIND Jewellery – Find You Kind

Who are you? & can you tell us a little about yourself?

Image published with permission by Toby Haak

I’m Tansy Haak, a sculptor turned jeweller living and working in London with my husband Charlie, bambino Isla Zee and my pup Pablo.

What exactly is KIND Jewellery?

Image published with permission by Natalie Dinham.

KIND is the collection of jewellery which I launched in June of 2016. The brand was built with an environmental conscience and has a focus on ethical practice and responsible sourcing. Each piece represents something I find fascinating about the world that surrounds me is designed and handmade in my garden studio.

What inspired you to start KIND Jewellery?

The idea to start a jewellery line evolved from my love of working with metal and its beautiful versatility. After spending some time traveling through Europe, India and Sri Lanka I found myself motivated to change paths and start something new. I launched KIND 3 months after returning to London. The time out had given me a chance to work out my priorities and what was important to me. I was full of inspiration and that sense of freedom from immersing yourself in different cultures and that drove me to set up something from the ground up.

I am a one woman show, so have my hands full doing everything from branding and web design right through to designing and making the collections. It is hugely rewarding to see it grow year on year and it really is true… you certainly get out what you put in!

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How did you come up with the name?

Image published with permission by Natalie Dinham.

I must have written every word under the sun down in my notebook before coming up with KIND. I was actually listening to a podcast which was talking about man kind. I remember rolling it around on my tongue… kind, kind…….KIND! That’s it! It represented everything I wanted the brand to be. Conscious and Inclusive.

Your products are 100% handmade, can you tell us about that?

Each piece is handmade using recycled or fair trade metal. Each design is made in a different way and I love the versatility of metal as a medium.

Is there a favorite product?

Image published with permission by Natalie Dinham.

Each piece from the collection has special meaning to me so it changes day to day, week to week but at the moment it’s got to be my Crescent Lune Pendant. The different moon phases remind me that we are constantly changing ourselves and the different influences in our life make us shine in different ways day to day, just like the suns effect on the surface of the moon.

What is your favorite part about running KIND Jewellery?

That I get to spend my days doing something I genuinely care about. Something that excites me and pushes me to succeed.

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What is your least favorite part about running KIND Jewellery?

Image published with permission by Toby Haak

The hardest part of running an ethical jewellery line is the challenges I face whilst trying to source ethically mine materials or recycled materials. That said it is also hugely rewarding to make a break and I find once you start asking questions you find people who care about these things too. The sustainable jewellery community is full of wonderful inspiring designers and makers who are generally happy to share information. Ultimately we are all working towards the same thing…a fairer and more transparent supply chain.

How do you spread the word about your company?

I rely on word of mouth as much as possible. I put so much value on my customers and what they think of KIND. I want the brand to grow organically through peoples positive experience with it.

Do you have any advice for fellow entrepreneurs?

Be Brave – if there is something you are passionate about then go for it.

Do you have a favorite quote or go to saying? 🙂

I live by Vivienne Westwood’s words…. ‘Buy less, choose well, Make it last’

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