July 20 2015

Keep Calm and Polish On! by Stephanie Schneider, SFTL Contributing Writer

When you walk into the room what do people notice about you first? Is it your hair? Your outfit? Your nails? Yeah, we know that sounds silly, but it’s true!

Nails definitely don’t go unnoticed! Are they too long? Too short? Length is definitely important. You want your nails to be a happy medium, not nubby but also not like a witch’s nails. Sometimes it even gets hard figuring out what nail color to apply for a certain occasion. After all, you want the perfect first impression! We’ll give you amazing advice on nail colors straight from Essie’s collection!  ~

Let’s say you have a first date tonight. We recommend a bold and confident color. Such as the deep red Forever Yummy or the sleek grey Chinchilly.


~Maybe you’re going into a hectic week of sorority recruitment. You have to get your girl-flirt on and need to seriously impress. Go with a subtle light, pale pink such as Fiji or Hi Maintenance.

~How about an important interview for a job or position you’re absolutely dying to get. You don’t want your nails to take too much attention away from what you have to say, but they should look clean, fresh and pretty. Go with a sheer, natural color such as Prima Ballerina or Ballet Slippers.

~It’s that nerve-wracking night when you finally have to meet your boyfriend’s parents. You want to come across as cute, nice, sweet and lovable. A good color for you is Mint Candy Apple, a soft, mint color that makes you seem as sweet as the name of the polish.


~You’re in college and have the chance to dress up in your favorite dress- it’s formal time! No idea what nail color to pair with your outfit? Go with something sexy, hot and bold. Examples of these? Smokin’ Hot or Sexy Divide. We told you sexy and hot would work!!


~Get your face paint and mardi gras beads ready- it’s game day! Rep your school colors in the best way by painting your nails in a fun and spirited design. Need our help? Take two colors, and alternate these colors on each of your nails. Or you can paint eight out of 10 of your nails one of these colors and use the other color on just your ring fingers. These looks are definitely cute, spirited and exciting!

These ideas allow you to make the perfect first impression no matter where you are going or who you are seeing. The right nail color adds the final yet extremely necessary touch that ties off your look in a stylish and appropriate way!

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