July 14 2015

JUMP ON IT by Ximena Iglesias & Hallie Salko, SFTL contributing writers

Two friends.  A steamy summer afternoon.  Both want to workout.  Neither wants to set foot in a gym or a class and outside is clearly out of the question!  One loves tumbling, and the other loves high intensity.  So, what to do?  Bounce!!

If you weren’t convinced, listen to our resident expert Z:

Trampolines?  Since I was little, I remember begging my parents for one.  Turns out they aren’t just for kids.  There’s a reason that trampoline parks, places like Skyzone, Off the Wall and Planet Air, are springing up everywhere.  Remember when you and your friends would jump for hours?  That was actually an incredible workout for your heart, quads, glutes, core and calf muscles, as well as a really fun way to spend the day.  

Don’t want to just just jump?  Not a tumbler? Try dodgeball, basketball (hey, I even felt like D. Wade – yep, Miami Heat fan!) or a ropes course (which we both thought was incredibly hard).  If you ask me, it sure beats running on the treadmill.  Give it a try and let us know what you think.  info@shesfittolead.com.

Ximena Iglesias is a student at Florida Gulf Coast University and our resident adventurer.  Hallie Salko will be a freshman at University of Wisconsin – Madison in the Fall, and when not spending her time upside down, writes one of our food blogs, “Play With Your Food.”

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