September 29 2016

Life Beyond College – Checking in on Jordana Schrager

What really happens to those college businesses when the founder graduates? Is it possible to make your passion your career? We wanted to know, so we thought we would check in with one of our all time favorites, Jordana Schrager, founder of Sneakers by Jordana and get the scoop on her life after graduation from University of Michigan.

Image published with permission from J.Schrager

Image published with permission from J.Schrager

1) Give us an update. What’s new for Sneakers by Jordana since we last spoke with you?

A lot has happened with Sneakers by Jordana since we last spoke! I graduated from the University of Michigan, created many more custom sneakers, and am now launching a new line of footwear and apparel under the by Jordana brand! by Jordana will launch in November starting with a limited edition line of sneakers, phone cases, and leggings all made with my unique and signature designs. We will keep launching new designs and collections as well as new products to the market! We will be selling our line to retail stores across the country and on our e-commerce site, www.byjordana.com.

2) How’s life in the real world? Have there been any surprises that you didn’t expect?
Life in the real world has been amazing! Although I do miss college and being a student, I can now focus all of my energy and time on growing my business! I love working and I really enjoy what I do so life in the real world has been great so far.

3) Does it feel different running your company as a college graduate than it did while you were still in school?
Running my company as a graduate does feel very different. Running my business is now a full time job and commitment, where as before my main focus was being a student. I still keep in touch with a lot of the teachers, advisors, and faculty at Michigan who have helped me get to where I am today with my business!

4) What’s your advice for anyone looking to transition their business into a full time gig?
My advice would be to keep working and keep moving forward no matter how many challenges there are. Focus on your goals and don’t let anything get in your way!


5) What’s your favorite fall fashion trend?
My favorite fall fashion trend right now would be Timberland Boots! I have been customizing so many Timberland boots right now for Fall/Winter and they have been a huge hit with my customers and followers. I made myself a pair and have been rocking them all the time!

You can read our original interview here.  Be sure to check out Jordana at sneakersbyjordana.com and on Instagram @sneakersbyjordana.

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