October 14 2015

Job or No Job? Welcome To The Fit List, Jane Buckingham!

JOB OR NO JOB - Jane Buckingham's office. (ABC Family/Adam Taylor) JANE BUCKINGHAM

JOB OR NO JOB – Jane Buckingham’s office. (ABC Family/Adam Taylor)

Ever wondered what makes the different between getting that job or not?  Looking for advice on sexting?(!) -You’ve come to the right place.  

She’s Fit to Lead is thrilled to introduce you to Jane Buckingham, one of the country’s foremost experts on Generations X, Y and V (aka “Becomers”). She is a bestselling author, speaker, and television host and appears as the Career Expert on ABC Family’s reality show, “Job or No Job” in which  Jane helps guide and prepare recently graduated college students as they go on three interviews for different companies in the industry of their choice.  Jane is the Founder and CEO of Trendera, a leading consulting and trend forecasting company.  She is also a contributing editor to Glamour Magazine. She reissued her bestselling book, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life, in fall of 2015 and is currently at work on a book about the next generation, Gen V.  At 17, she wrote her first book, Teens Speak Out.  She is the author of the bestselling The Modern Girl’s Guide book series and was a host of the television series “The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life,” which aired on the Style network for four years.  She has been the subject of in-depth profiles in The Los Angeles Times, on “60 Minutes,” and “Good Morning America.” Other television appearances include “The Today Show,” “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” and “The View.” Elle Magazine voted Buckingham one of the Most Powerful women in Hollywood.  Jane serves on the Board of Directors for Baby2Baby and Women In Film and advises to The Joyful Heart.  She graduated from Duke University, majoring in English. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Marcus, and two children.  

Here’s the text of our interview with Jane:

shutterstock_220848235What’s trending for 18-24 year old women right now?  Oh gosh, that’s hard because there are so many different areas!! I won’t really bother with fashion or makeup because those are so easy to search! I would say women are wanting to get married younger (crazy right?), women are definitely becoming more religious (or at least spiritual), and women are definitely feeling more powerful.

Who do you think are some of the most interesting Super Influencers?  There are so many! I think today having a big voice lets you be a super influencer so everyone from Taylor Swift to Malcolm Gladwell to Retna to Kendall Jenner to Amy Shumer are all super influencers!


Why the bad rap for this generation? Are millennials really that lazy and entitled? Who are some Super Influencers that prove that stereotype wrong?  I think that every generation gets a bad rap because that generation is different from the previous one! I think Millenials are seen to be “entitled” because they were raised with a lot of praise and a lot of empowerment. The goal was to make them feel successful and positive. And that’s fantastic. The great news is that Millenials often look at problems differently, don’t settle for the status quo and believe in their abilities. The bad news is they are used to things happening quickly.  They may not be as patient as previous generations, and it has yet to be seen whether they are very resilient. There are a lot of theories that because their parents did so much for them, Millenials can’t deal with failure or solve things themselves, but I don’t think that’s true. And I don’t think they are lazy, but I also don’t think they want to put in the hours previous generations have put in at work, because they don’t think the end reward is worth it ; and they’ve seen that a lot of people can have success by taking short cuts (like by being on reality shows or YouTube or having a successful startup). They want to work smarter not longer.

She’s Fit to Lead is all about networking confidence. What do you find is the biggest confidence builder for young women today? Biggest confidence killer?  I think different things build confidence for different people. But I certainly think it has to come from inside of you. Knowing that you can come back from a problem helps build confidence. Knowing you can be a good friend and rely on friends builds confidence. Knowing you can take care of yourself builds confidence. Being honest builds confidence. Unfortunately I think social media can be one of the biggest confidence killers even though it SEEMS like a confidence builder. It’s a temporary high when you get lots of likes and great comments, but more often then not I think the cumulative effect of seeing all the fun that everyone is having and all the things you are not doing can be really tough on ANYONE!

teensspeakoutYou wrote a book at age 17! Were you afraid you wouldn’t be taken seriously? What gave you the inspiration to push forward?  The great thing about doing something when you are young is you don’t realize how risky it is! I remember that I didn’t want to leave my high school play rehearsal early because I had to go get on a plane to go to Chicago to be on Oprah! Today I would be terrified to be on Oprah…at the time I was terrified to leave rehearsal early! I think I’ve always been really passionate about understanding people, and writing about them to explain them. So it seemed like a really natural thing to do. I just wanted to get rid of the stereotypes. Just like I try to do today. I still feel really privileged to have that opportunity.

What makes you feel most confident now?  When I make a good choice for my children. When they are happy and seem to feel confident and doing something  they love I feel like I am doing a good job of balancing work, parenting and my life. And when I go to the Dry Bar and get a good blow out. It’s totally superficial but a good hair day makes me feel good 😉

What challenges your confidence?  Everything. I don’t mind having my confidence challenged. To be good at what I do have to make sure that I am really understanding how people think and always asking the “why’s.” If I was always so sure I would get cocky and stop asking and researching and then I wouldn’t accurately represent how people think.

What is your favorite part of what you do?  I love talking to people. I love solving problems that companies ModernGirlsGuideToLifeRevEd pbhave. I love seeing how things change in the world. And I also love writing! That’s why I wrote the Modern Girl’s Guide series, because I wanted to put all of the information that I wanted in one place. It’s a great way for me to help myself and other people at the same time.
How do you motivate others?  Hm, I try to lead by example. There is no job that is beneath me and no job that is too hard for me. I hope that is inspiring. I try to be kind, I try to show that as a woman you can be strong, and professional, ethical, and tough but also be human and pick up your kids most days.
What do you do to regroup after a particularly tough day?  Watch Netflix with my kids.
frozen yogurtWhat’s your favorite power meal?  Frozen Yogurt (sorry, can’t help it)

What’s your advice on work life balance (or school life balance)?
Don’t look at it as balance…look at it as a ship…just don’t let it capsize. Some days it will tilt way over to one side and that’s ok. But then you have to correct it.

What does She’s Fit to Lead mean to you?  No one is perfect. You don’t have to be A perfect leader to Lead. You can lead a country, a family, a corporation, a club, you just have to be Fit to Lead. Do what you can, be an example to others.

Any advice for our college students? Anything you think is a must take class?  Learn to WRITE!!! Whatever you do, whatever industry you are in will require decent writing, grammar, spelling and vocabulary, and texting is making it harder and harder to be good at that! So take writing classes so that you can come out a strong writer!

“The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations”? Please Give us one piece of last advice for a really sticky one!  Hm, well, my newest book is The Modern Girls Guide to Life – Since it was the 10th anniversary we revised the original with lots of new content and advice and recipes. So my best advice is don’t send a naked picture.  I mean it. Don’t do it. But I have some great tips on sexting 🙂 Here’s a link to the book!

Jane Buckingham, you are Fit to Lead.  Welcome to the Fit List!

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