October 19 2017

Introducing Stowaway Cosmetics – Right-Sized Makeup

Last week when I got off of work I received a package from Stowaway Cosmetics, when I was opening the package I was literality going crazy in my own little world, actually amazed by what I was opening. So, amazed that my boyfriend came to stand over my shoulder to see what the hype was all about and let me tell you to get him to walk away from his video games isn’t an easy thing.

That’s when I opened, a makeup collection that was the smallest makeup kit I have ever seen. I even brought it out with me that night.

I was able to fit my BB cream, Concealer, Blush, Lipstick, Eyeliner and Mascara all in my tiny tiny Tory Burch cross body. You might think it is not possible but with Stowaway it is.

While this might not be best for everyone it was perfect for me. I found my new favorite line of products and I was instantly sharing with all my friends about how great it was.

I am the type of person that doesn’t wear makeup a lot so when I do buy makeup, it either goes bad because I have it for so long or it is too big to fit in my bag for me to even want to carry it around.

And when I tell you that I have never finished a tube of mascara or a tube of lipstick, I am not lying..

That’s why when I heard about Stowaway cosmetics I was so happy. If you aren’t familiar with them they are a beauty brand that sells “right-sized” cosmetics – or what what I consider perfect “travel sized” makeup.

and let me tell you why they are so great:

– The quality was outstanding

– Half the size = half the price

– The products are EU compliant; safe, clean, cruelty free, gluten free & mostly vegan

– The packaging was beautiful

– Easy for on the go whether it is a night out or even a quick weekend trip

– You can finish the products before they go bad

– & since the products are perfect size when you do actually finish them you can send back to Stowaway with a prepaid shipping label from their website and get $5 for every 3 products you return. 

When you are on the move, your beauty products are too. This group of women, like us are dedicated to helping make women’s lives easier. The simplicity and quality of the products to me is what makes them so unique. My next step is getting an eye shadow kit because I always feel like a need a smaller size perfect enough to fit right in my bag.

The day I got my products I instantly fell in love with everything but most importantly my new perfect sized mascara and my new favorite lipstick.

We had the opportunity to ask Julie Fredrickson Stowaway Cosmetics CEO some questions and this is what she shared with us:

What exactly is Stowaway?

We are right-sized cosmetics. Our goal is to eliminate stress from looking your best. Our team partners with the world’s top laboratories & cosmetic chemists for the best performing formulationsthe easiest routines (even for beginners), and colors that flatter.Then we package it in a portable size, so you can carry and finish it. Half the size and none of the waste or worry. That’s the Stowaway promise.

What inspired you to start Stowaway?

I got sick of lugging around a bulging bag of makeup that went bad long before I was close to finishing it. I like to be active (going to the gym, meeting friends after work and I travel a lot) so I thought why am I spending all this money on makeup that is designed for a lifestyle that isn’t relevant anymore? Bigger isn’t better! Mobile is better.

How did you come up with the name?

It is a bit of a nod to the nautical term of hiding away on a ship. Our products tuck nicely into small spaces so we thought it was appropriate.

What your favorite part about running Stowaway? 

Meeting incredible women! I get to talk to moms, athletes, world travelers and inspiring career women (sometimes they are all those things at once!)Stay Fit and Healthy

Where are your products sold? Are they sold in stores?

We are direct to consumer at heart (we love to talk to our customers) but you can find select products at Bluemercury, Dillards, Space.NK and soon QVC!

Is there a favorite product that everyone loves?

It is a toss up between the credit card sized eye palette (so versatile) and the lipsticks. They fit into a pocket so it’s hard not to love something so adorable. But our concealer has a cult following among women that really know how to look rested (one day I hope to join their ranks)

How do you spread the word about your company?

Women love to share. When I find a new product I’m always telling my friends. So we rely on word of mouth from customers to share what we stand for and how it makes their lives easier. If we’ve lived up to our end of the bargain we find women share!

Advice to entrepreneurs:

Look before you leap! It is a lot harder than it looks and very tiring. But it is fun too!

Stowaway was nice enough to share $10 off our Everyday Kit with the code: STOWAWAYFRIEND

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