January 19 2016

Introducing JOBS!!!! Want To Work At Rent The Runway? Looking For Other Start Up Opportunities? We Got This!

Hey She’s Fit to Lead Community:

Are you a college senior?  A year or two into a job that you really don’t like?  Just looking for a change?  For those of you interested in joining a startup, we want to encourage you to check out Planted.  As you may have seen, we recently featured Planted on our Fit List, and we think they have it all going on in terms of connecting you to jobs that are exciting, fun and that actually fit your interests.

planted_logoPlanted is a free resource for students and recent grads to connect with high growth startups for non-technical positions, such as business development, marketing, and account management.  Just to give you a sense of the opportunities, check out this job featured in Planted’s newsletter this week:

rent the runway

“Our very first job of the week is the Junior Customer Communications Associate at Rent the Runway! If you don’t know about Rent the Runway, they’re pretty much the Netflix of the fashion world. And no, we don’t mean you’re going to wake up early with plans to hit up the gym and actually spend 9 hours on Rent the Runway binge watching Parks and Rec. Instead Rent the Runway allows you to rent designer dresses, accessories, and much more for a smidgen of the price. Sorry Cinderella, your fairy godmother’s going the way of flip phones and dial up. If you’re interested in fashion, tech, or growing your career at one of NYC’s fastest growing startups, [this job is for you]. “

If this sounds like the kind of opportunity you are interested in, be sure to sign up with this special link and complete your profile.

Planted is keeping their eye out for candidates from She’s Fit to Lead. They will be in touch shortly with job opportunities that align with your interests. You can contact them directly at support@planted.com with specific questions.

Keep us posted and let us know how it goes.

Good luck!



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