February 4 2016

You want to know what? Typical Interview Questions by Andrea Seib

I’ve participated in many interviews as both the interviewee and interviewer. In recent years I played a larger role hiring interns in particular. While the conversations could vary, here are the top questions I always tried to ask:

whatgiphySo tell me about yourself:

What this tells me: I want to hear your story from your perspective. I’ve read your resume and possibly your cover letter but I want to hear you tell it. This also gives me a glimpse of your personality and provides further context about your experience.

doiknowyougiphyWhat are you hoping to gain from this internship? 

What this tells me: You don’t just want to check the box for a job but rather have specific goals and would like to learn and enhance your skill set.

tumblr_mus1e3G9p41sja03eo1_400Why do you want to work for this company?

What this tells me: You’ve researched the company and have applied for a specific reason. Tell me specifically what you find appealing about this company and how you can make it better.

love-this-jobWhat do you like to do outside of school and work? 

What this tells me: I’m once again trying to get a sense of your personality to ensure you’re a good fit, so don’t go into robot mode and give a canned answer.  (Tip – The Gif below?  Not a good answer!)

hobbiesgiphyWhat are some of the best or hardest questions you’ve received in an interview? Share with us in the comments below!

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About Andrea Seib

Hi everyone! My name is Andrea. I have recently left my advertising career to help inspire women like you to feel confident to lead in any situation. My one-year-old daughter and my own experience earlier in my career drove this decision. I’m an Indiana University graduate and love all things food and travel.

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