September 12 2017

In A World Where You Can Be Anything, Be The Good Collection

What is Be The Good Collection?

We are a line of inspirational handmade jewelry and accessories based in Portland, Oregon.  We give one piece of jewelry for each piece sold to Dress for Success. I work with a local team and try to create and make as much as I can in Oregon.

What is your mission?  

To create affordable and inspirational jewelry and personal accessories for every woman. And, to be part of a community of female-driven and female-empowering companies developing better business practices, using recycled goods, striving for sustainability and supporting charity.

What inspired you to start Be The Good Collection?

The good acts and kind hearts all around us inspire us. Our message is that we all have a choice every day to add goodness….. and Be The Good.

Stay Fit and Healthy

Where did you get your inspiration?   

I have worked in fashion all of my life. As a buyer, a director of product development and in sales. Throughout my career I have always found a lot of joy working with other inspirational and creative women. When my daughter was in high school in Portland we volunteered a lot. One particular Sunday we were at a Dress for Success event and I found myself very moved and inspired by their work. Through such a very simple and basic concept they add meaning to the lives of so many women. Fast forward to me as a mother of two grown children, I was consulting a lot for brands in the fashion industry and the spa industry. Frequently while working with those brands I had to adapt programs that would merchandise for spas but also be visually pleasing and could stand up and not be passed by. So my packaging and merchandising were also a key driver and inspiration for Be The Good brand. My past experiences in packaging and merchandising definitely contributed to the creation of our popular easel back cards that most of our line is merchandised on.

How did you come up with the name?

My Grandmother would always say things like “whatever you do be a good one” Or when my sister and I would ask her what she wanted for her birthday, she would say, “just good girls!” Seems kind of corny but she had something; in a world where you can be anything…………  Be the Good.   

What is your favorite part about running Be The Good Collection?

I love learning new things and meeting new people everyday.

You donate to Dress for Success, can you tell us about that?

For every accessory that we sell, we donate another to Dress For Success. I personally deliver each piece to them.  I love to go to the events they have. I feel like the give back should not only be monetary but that I can make TIME in my life to engage with the charity and their cause, too. My great grandma used to always have on a corsage and a name tag. Always…. I remember thinking that was a bit of a throwback but what it was is this she was always going or coming to volunteer. It was a part of her DNA. Makes me feel really good to hold donation drives and to volunteer.

Do you have a favorite product Be The Good Collection has made?

I designed and make a glass box monogram that I LOVE. It was inspired by the many charms that I collect. My first charm bracelet was given to me by my Grandmother, Barbara, my name sake.


How do you spread the word about your company?

I have a good network of friends and colleagues that have been incredibly generous with their time and talent. I am a good fit with spas and small store fronts. I have the merchandising engineered so that a store can merchandise the product so that it tells the story with impact and does not get lost. The easel back card is perfect for that.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a woman who wants to start her own company?  

Whatever you do you have to have passion. Do your research, surround yourself with people that share your intention and have integrity to match. I ask questions and take the position that I am always learning.   Lastly, no job that is required in your company is off limits to you. I like to know how to do all of it and do it in a pinch if it needs doing.

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  1. I’ve known Barb literally all her life – she’s my younger sister. And there are two words I believe define her – perseverance and heart. She is driven to make a difference but not at the expense of people. She’s a beautiful expression of life!

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