February 19 2017

5 Ways to Stop Obsessing Over your Body and Weight

How to Stop Obsessing Over your Body and Weight

Do you constantly critique your body, weight or image?

Do you find yourself fighting for the perfect body that you never seem to reach?

Motivation. Exercise. Diet. Binge. Self-pity. Repeat. Sound familiar?

GOOD NEWS, my friend, there IS a way to let go of the obsession and frustration and actually start living every day happy in your own body.

Media shapes the way we think about ourselves and helps us to create a perception of what we think we should, could or would like our bodies to look like. As millennials, we are overly exposed to health crazes, fitspos & foodies with our tendency to always be connected through social media. All of these health initiatives usually have great intentions, but they often amplify messages that you are not good enough.

Well, if you haven’t heard it yet, you ARE good enough.

While I can’t say that I don’t think about my body & weight often, I have definitely removed an unhealthy obsession from my life and have tools/methods to quiet voices in my head that tell me negative body image thoughts. Take a look at…

5 Ways to Stop Obsessing over your Weight and Body

  1. Start looking at every person you pass with a sense of wonder

Acknowledge every person you pass for their uniqueness and see that they have something different about them that makes them beautiful. You will find that every person is SO different (yes, like a snowflake) and there is not one mold that you should be striving to fit into or be like. Through this consistent and daily practice, you will eventually start to see your body and self with the same wonder and appreciation that you think about others.

  1. Think about what your body is made for

You are a living & breathing human. You have organs, muscles, a functioning brain & a beautiful soul that live inside of you. Your body’s job is to carry that soul within you. It is so amazingly unique that it has this thing called a body to carry it.

Start treating and seeing your body with the love and uniqueness that it is filled with.

Stay Fit and Healthy

  1. Get rid of the scale

If you have one, get rid of it. Hide it in a closet or ask a friend if they can hold onto it. Your weight is going to fluctuate every day for the rest of your life regardless if you step onto that stupid box. The number it displays speaks nothing to your actual worth & is not capable of seeing the amazing qualities and gifts you have to share with the world. Maybe start by setting a goal to not weigh yourself for one or two weeks. Set a date. You’ll find that living without the scale will actually make you happier and you don’t need it.

You are more than a number, & you are SO worth it.

  1.  Unfollow all of the fitness, foodie &  blogger social media that trigger you

With the popularity of so many foodie & fitness bloggers, I think it is safe to say that we all follow a few #foodies or #fitspos on Instagram. There are some accounts/blogs that do help motivate you to live a happier & healthier lifestyle. However, I also know that following these fitness role models often makes you feel worse about yourself. Seeing pictures of other people’s food, fitness progressions, workouts and bodies can make you feel like you are not good enough and that you should be doing more, working out more frequently, eating less or vice versa. Many times people post all about their food/exercise habits on social media because they need to share it with others to feel good about themselves, which in turn can make you, the one who follows them feel even worse. So, to avoid unnecessary body and fitness obsession, simply unfollow or like any of those accounts. It will make you feel lighter, happier and you can focus more on your personal health rather than the progression of others.

  1. Find joy in other activities besides eating and exercising

I developed a severe food & body obsession, and at one point in my life, eating specific foods & exercising at the same times every day were the only two things that made me happy. This obsession damaged me mentally (& physically) because when I could not do either of those things, I became depressed. I did not know what else made me happy. In an effort to break these unhealthy obsessions, I suggest planning one day a week that you are NOT going to exercise and instead plan an activity that doesn’t involve food that you know you will find enjoyment out of. Don’t fill the time with other “work” or something you think you should do to be productive. Do something truly fun – meet up with a friend, watch your favorite TV show, paint your nails or break out an old coloring book LET GO. Forcing yourself to be open to other activities will loosen the grip on any obsessions you have and remind you of the MANY things in life that will make you happy.

Let’s let go of the obsession to look like & become something that will never exist & start appreciating ourselves for what we really are.


This post was written by Morgan of the Mint+Mo lifestyle blog.

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