August 20 2017

How to Decide Where to Study Abroad

Yay! You have just made one of the best decisions of your life — choosing to study abroad! Personally, studying abroad was one of the best things to happen to me. It made me happier, more cultured, more mature and more independent. Studying abroad is the best way to find yourself while discovering the world at the same time; however, picking a place to study can be a hard decision and there are many factors you should consider before deciding where you are going to study abroad. Below are 10 different considerations to make.

    1. Rural or urban setting
      Being abroad in a city is very different than being abroad in the countryside. The setting you choose to be in totally influences your abroad experience.
    2. Warm or cold weather
      Be realistic with this one. You do not want to be somewhere like Copenhagen, where it is very cold, if you do not like cold weather.
    3. Speak English or learn a new language
      Learning a foreign Cupshe Flash Sale! Up to 75% Off! Fast Delivery! Shop Now!language can be very difficult, and if that is not something you want to do, being in a country that speaks English could be best for you.
    4. Airport location
      When you are near an airport, traveling becomes much easier. Really consider the airport location in relation to how much you want to travel.
    5. Travel ability
      If you go abroad somewhere in Europe, you can basically travel every weekend, but if you go somewhere like Australia, traveling to different cities and countries can be more difficult.
    6. Classes offered in the abroad program
      Are your classes going to transfer back to your home university? Does this program offer classes of interest to you? Classes are the core of the program, so make sure they’re what you want
    7. Choice of living residence
      Some abroad programs allow you to live on your own or with locals, but some do not have both options. So think about what kind of living situation you want to be in while abroad.
    8. International peers
      If you want to meet students from around the world, check to see if the abroad program you are interested is only for U.S. students. Many programs are only for U.S. students, so you always want to check the details.
    9. Expenses
      There are many cities that are very expensive, and that can really affect your abroad experience. Look at the cost of living in the places you are considering before making your final decision.
    10. Solo or with friends
      While this one does not totally relate to what program you will go into, this is a huge factor. Think about the kind of abroad experience you want, and then decide if you want to go with your home or go alone and make new friends while abroad.



Did this list help you? If it did, let us know which tips are the most helpful. Also, comment where you are going to study abroad!!


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