December 5 2016

The Best Is Yet To Come – Introducing Horacio Printing

monday motivatorWe love Horacio Printing for their beautiful designs, their  faith based inspiration, their commitment to fight human trafficking, and their incredible founder Polly Willoughby.  Be sure to check out their awesome 2017 Planners and more at horacioprinting.com and @horacioprinting on Instagram:

What was your inspiration for starting Horacio Printing? 

I was itching to start my own business for a few years, and I finally took the leap after reading Erwin McManus’s book “The Artisan Soul.” Erwin’s thesis is we are created in God’s image and therefore we are artists, we are creative. He explained that our most important work of art was our life. I had so many dreams and I knew I needed to redesign my life to accomplish them. I started to create a life planner. (I always loved using a planner in school) I made it personal and filled with inspiration and dream planning.

What were you doing before? 

I was working in ad tech doing sales for a startup in New York.

Tell us about your Kickstarter campaign.  What do you think got people interested in funding your brand?

I launched our Kickstarter in order to fund our second print the 2016 planners. We already had a nice following from our 2015 customers, so that made it easier to spread the news. Everyone who pre-ordered got a special discount and we offered fund bundles and free shipping to people in New York.

Tell us about A21.  How do they help fight human trafficking?

A21 is an incredible non profit fighting human trafficking globally. A21 began its work in 2008, when our Founder, Christine Caine, discovered dozens of missing children posters in an airport in Thessaloniki, Greece. After being told that these children were potential victims of human trafficking and learning that there are over 27 million people enslaved today, she was compelled to rise to action.
Today, A21 has 11 offices in 10 countries across the globe. Their team on the ground aims to prevent modern-day slavery, protect and restore survivors, prosecute traffickers, and partner with local communities and authorities to ultimately advance the cause of freedom.

How does Horacio Printing support A21?  Why is this cause important to you?

We give 10% of every sale to A21. Our goal is to hit 50,000 by the end of 2017. We are already at 13,000! This is important to me, because it breaks my heart, to put it simply. Slavery is a nightmare that has no place on our watch.

What do you think makes Horacio Printing special? 

People really love our designs. We focus on providing a minimal canvas for people to design their week, day and year. We are unapologetically Christian, and we have a bible verse on each page. We have original sections like generosity planning, heart check, refocus clouds, dream planning, and even a place to write down your fears and write a bible verse to conquer it! Many people comment on our paper because it is super thick (thickest on the market) so there is no bleeding into next week.

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Your planners have awesome sayings on their covers.  Do you have a favorite?

We stick to “the best is yet to come”! We believe it!

How do you spread the word about your brand?

Word of mouth from friend to friend is our greatest marketing tool! We use Instagram, Facebook and email for the rest!

What was one surprising thing (good or bad) about being a founder that you didn’t expect? 

Good – Honestly, I thought people would like our planners, but I had NO idea they would have become the hit that they did. Our first year we sold 1,000. Our second year we sold 14,000, it was amazing! We are entering year 3 and I am honestly so amazed at the support and how well they were received and used!

Tell us about your company values.  How did you develop them?

I came up with our company values on my honeymoon. I was sailing 300 miles with no internet, or anything to do really but start at the ocean. I had this question on my heart and I came up with them after a few hours of reflection.

Our values are Encourage, Challenge and Grace. We hold them true for our internal values in our company culture, and external values to the people and customers we engage with.

We want to encourage people to go after their dreams, and internally we want to encourage each other daily.

We want to challenge people to redesign their life and implement the discipline necessary to achieve their dreams. Internally we want to challenge the status quo and each other to do our best work.

We want to remind people to give themselves grace. We are so hard on ourselves, which in turn makes us hard on one another. We want to foster a culture of quick forgiveness, transparency and grace.

You can read our full value page here: https://www.horacioprinting.com/pages/about-us

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