January 31 2016

What To Do When You Are Homesick by Mollie Clinton

theresnoplacegiphyAny college student is undeniably familiar with the feeling of homesickness. It could have happened to you within the first hour of your parents dropping you off,  or it could happen six months later.

hotline blingThere is a myth that teenagers who go away from home are automatically expected not to miss home, and we are taught that being homesick is abnormal. Being thrown into “adult life” is scary, and it is okay to be intimidated. So, if you are feeling this way, here are a few remedies that are bound to help and some things you should avoid.

Call your parents.
I cannot stress this enough. It will mean the world to your parents if you just give them a quick call on the phone — even for a couple minutes! Make sure you call both mom and dad. Despite what you may think, your dad wants to hear about your day just as much as your mom.



Do some of the things that you love to do at home, at school.

Go for a run. Eat your favorite food. Go venture into town. Go on a drive and blast your favorite music. Watch your favorite movie or TV show. Read a book. Dance around the room. You shouldn’t be afraid to do the things you love to do at home, at school.


chewie we're homeHomesickness does not have an age limit.
You are not the only one!! I cannot stress this enough. Whether you are a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or even a Senior in college, to be homesick is beyond normal. So talk to your friends and tell them how you are feeling, because chances are, they are lying in their beds late at night clinging to their baby blanket or favorite stuffed animal too.

I hate going for a run just as much as the next person. But hear me out. Call up your friends and go on a hike that you haven’t done or take a hot yoga class!

When you are home
Take advantage of the time you have. Hang out with the people you truly miss and are excited to see. Spend time with your family too.  They will love it just as much as you do.

allbymyselfgiphyAnd some things not to do…

Do not spend all your time alone
Curling up in the fetal position watching Netflix alone is okay for a little while, but you definitely should not come back from class and make it a daily routine. Self pity for a little while while you cry about what girl got kicked off the Bachelor, but keep it limited to an episode, not a marathon.

scoobygiphyDo not eat a whole pizza for yourself
Eating a healthy snack would do you good, but remember the Freshman 15 still applies to you. But also, do not eat nothing at all — that is probably the worst thing you can do.

Do not go and text all your friends
You have new friends that could be in the room next to you or in the class you are “dreading” going to in the morning. Meet new people because I am sure they are in the same boat as you.

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