December 18 2015

Holiday Detox – Outdoor Winter Workouts, by Hillary Macias


I’m an outdoor runner, so keeping up with my morning runs when the temperature drops below freezing can be difficult. I know I’m not fond of my fingers and toes being frozen by the time I get back to my house, but there are ways to still remain active outside (and inside) during these chilly months. I know it is much easier to get motivated and stay active when bikini season is looming (although for some of you, that winter beach vacation may be just around the corner).   Try out these tips, and I’m sure you’ll be able to incorporate some of them into your winter workout routine!

coldGyms tend to get crowded this time of year (cue New Year’s resolutions….) and as long as you wear a few extra layers, insulated gloves and socks and good shoes or boots, working out outdoors can be a great adrenaline rush! Going for an hour hike in the snow can burn up to 500 calories and you will get a great leg workout, just make sure you wear properly insulated boots and you’re good to go!

ice skatingOne of my favorite ways to get a “workout” during the winter months is to go ice skating! It qualifies as a total body workout, can burn about 450 calories per hour and targets your abs, calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Another fun winter activity that can qualify as workout is sledding! Assuming that you walk back uphill after you sled down, you will be getting a lot of cardio in while having fun with your friends! Walking briskly uphill after you sled down can also qualify as interval training, and is a great way to boost your fitness level!
You can even view chores as a workout challenge, like shoveling the driveway (I know, I know not the most fun task in the world..) but if you focus on using your legs (not your arms and back) while shoveling you can elevate your heart rate and aerobic level enough to forego any other workout you had planned for the day (and who doesn’t love that?!)

dogskiinggiphyAnd if you’re lucky enough to live near the mountains, two of the greatest workouts are skiing and snow-boarding. Both help to improve your balance and core strength at the same time. Calories burned during these activities can range anywhere from 350-600 per hour depending on the slopes you choose!

hotcocoagiphySo there you have it, plenty of ways you can stay active outside while the mercury drops. And afterwards, feel free to treat yourself to some down time by the fire with a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate (because you’ve earned it!)

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