September 29 2015

Good Vibes Only! Welcome To The Fit List, Dani Egna, CEO of INKED by dani, by Emma Bernstein, SFTL Community Director

She’s Fit to Lead is thrilled to welcome Dani Egna, The CEO of INKED by dani to our Fit List.  We’re so excited that today, we are also announcing our First Subscriber Benefit.  Subscribe today and receive a special discount code for 20% off your purchase at INKED by dani.  Thanks Dani, and welcome to the Fit List!

Dani and her business partner, Mandy Raeder

Dani and her business partner, Mandy Raeder

As part of my internship at SFTL, I had the opportunity to interview Dani Etna, CEO of INKED by dani, a line of “funky and cool” temporary tattoos made from Dani’s hand drawn designs.  Dani, a 22 year old University of Southern California graduate, teamed up with her freshman year college roommate and best friend Mandy Raeder to launch INKED by dani in early 2015

20150630_1681Dani majored in Fine Arts at USC with a painting emphasis.  I asked her, “Why tattoos?”  Her answer, “Since I can remember, I have always been looking for a way to combine my artistic visions and creativity with my entrepreneurial side. Starting off by drawing little designs on my friends for themed parties, the idea for INKED by dani emerged. Looking to take a new twist on an old trend, we wanted to create a mix of designs that were realistic looking as well as inspired by the trends of the 90s.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 7.58.51 PMI also learned that Dani’s favorite late night snack is pizza, and that her biggest inspiration is her dad who she describes as “the most creative and hard-working person I know, who somehow knows everything about everything!”.

IMG_3602As for Dani’s business plans for the next five years, ” We hope to be world-wide and in boutiques all over the country. We hope to adapt to new trends in the market, and to always be inspiring female entrepreneurs. I hope to have a brand that merges the art, fashion, and business world to create products that people of all ages love!”.

And, I’m sure you didn’t think that I skipped all of our SFTL confidence building questions!

What advice would you give your 18 year old self?FullSizeRender-3

“Don’t be afraid to take chances! Follow your gut. And sometimes the right decision isn’t the easy decision.”

What does confidence mean to you?

Confidence means being secure and believing in yourself and your visions. Confidence means being comfortable in your own skin but also being bold enough to take risks.

IMG_0333Are you Fit to Lead? If so, why?

To me, a leader is someone who is confident and has the ability to inspire others to be great. I believe I am fit to lead because I am very dedicated and passionate. When I love something and set my mind to it, it becomes my life! I also believe that your success is in your own hands and that you have to go out there and make things happen for yourself.


Thanks Dani for the incredible inspiration!  


To learn more about Dani and to place your order go to inkedbydani.com.  To receive your exclusive subscriber discount, subscribe today.

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Emma Bernstein is a SFTL contributing writer, a SFTL community director and is the writer of SFTL’s weekly Insight.  


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