June 25 2015

Gladiators And Durito

With the 2016 Presidential election less than 5 months away (501 days to be exact), it is crucial that you- the rising future of our beautiful land of the free and home of the brave- start to learn about OUR candidates. We get it- you’re busy, and it’s summer for god sakes. It is really the only time of year where you get to relax. You should be reading that new Susie Orman Scnhall book “The Balance Project” that has been sitting on your nightstand for weeks. Go sit out in the sun and get your tan on. Take a hike and get some fresh air. Pour yourself a glass of wine at 5 o’clock in the afternoon!

It’s kind of ironic actually that we’re encouraging you to take a load off because while you’re debating what 15 dollar bottle of wine to open, (hope you can afford it, with the state of the economy) there are shootings happening (hide the kids), failing school systems (thank you standardize testing), and major healthcare issues. Not to mention the entire Middle East is blowing itself up, but that’s nothing new.

Every four years another (pompous and conceited) middle aged man thinks he can change the world and every four years that same man leaves the White House a little grayer, with a little more wrinkles, and the country with a lot more problems. Why hasn’t the country realized that it’s time for some women to lead this country?!  As we know, we all have the power within? So let’s let it go!

Let us take care of the nitty gritty politics for you. Because even though it is summer and we believe in relaxation, being educated on the presidential candidates and their campaigns is extremely important. For starters, you never want to feel uneducated amongst your friends, coworkers, peers, your teachers, or even the local kids who work in the neighborhood. Political talk this time of year is pretty much at the forefront.

If social shame isn’t a fear of yours, then kudos for “doing your own thing.” We still think you should know your stuff. After all, you will be the ones controlling this country in a few years- don’t you care about who your leader is? If we had our way, we would select strong, empowered and confident women to lead this country. You may even be able to find them on our Fit List. Who knows, maybe if this article becomes #trending we could avoid another middle aged man coming into office. WOULDN’T THAT BE NICE?!

Have no fear ladies. We have done all of the work for you. Pour that glass of wine, sit out by the pool and just read. You’re welcome.

Our Presidential Pick: Olivia Carolyn Pope (aka Kerry Washington)

Olivia Pope, also known as Liv, Livvie, or the Fixer, is a lawyer, crisis manager, and white house correspondent. She is poised, intelligent, strong-willed and b-e-a-utiful. Olivia has many years of experience within the white house confounds. She also has the uncanny ability to attract every woman from ages 16-60. Stay tuned every Thursday night to see what she does, wears, and fixes. She teaches us how to be passionate not only about her journey (will she stand in the sun with Jake or stay in the dark with Fitz?)  but also her career, as she outsmarts a variety of DC politicians everyday, controlling their darkest and most scandalous secrets. It is safe to say that Olivia is without a doubt the most “knowledgeable” candidate in the running, and she is ready to take her fixing abilities to the next level. We all know how much fixing this world really needs. That is why our top presidential pick is Olivia. It doesn’t hurt that she has the best wardrobe either (she is the only woman I know of that can successfully pull off white year round).

Olivia Pope

Vice President: Jill Kargman (aka Jill Weber on Odd Mom Out)

Why? Jill Kargman is the perfect counterpoint and our favorite Vice President candidate. Always the Odd Mom Out, (nothing like Joe Biden) this Upper East side born and bred New Yorker tells it straight as she sees it, adjectives and all. It only makes sense that her new show accurately mocks the outrageously “good life” of mothers on the Upper East side. (If you haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet, we seriously recommend it. This s*** is stomach aching funny). You couldn’t find a more direct and committed with conviction type of woman if your life depended on it. All young, middle and slightly older are currently obsessed with her- just as we are.


Jill is witty, quirky, and downright hilarious. This acclaimed writer turned actress showed the world that there is a whole lot more to her than her talents as a blogger-not-blogger (she hates the word blog, so do we!!). So if Jill can suddenly change her career path at the age of 40, then who are we to say that she doesn’t have the ability to fix the economy, or cure cancer, or fight ISIS. She clearly exhibits her diplomacy when dealing with her in-laws, which is all the experience we need to ensure that she can preside over the House and Senate. Especially as a compliment to our super hero Livvie.  The “do gooder” and the “sayer it like it is” team has REAL potential (say goodbye to empty promises we know and hate). Daughter of former Chanel president, pair Jill and Ms. Prada-bag-wearing queen herself and we’ve got a match made in Bergdorfs.


So there you have it: our presidential pair. If only it were true…

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