February 14 2016

A Girl’s Guide to Loving Herself by Kelly Sodano

Hey girls! So, after writing my breakup article, I had decided that I would write a follow up too about how you don’t need anyone else to love you. You should love yourself the way you are! Here are a few tips to loving yourself, which you should; because you are amazing, and there is no one else like you!

Stay off of Social Media!

imnotfolliwngyougiphyIn order to fully love yourself, stop worrying so much about other people’s lives. It shouldn’t matter to you who gets the most likes on their pictures, or what clothes people are wearing, and how people are doing their hair. Obviously, it is totally normal to want to keep up with the trends, but you should wear things and do things because YOU want to, not because that’s what everyone else is doing. Make sure you start your own trends.  Be unique, and try not to worry so much about keeping up with everyone else’s lives; don’t forget to live yours to the fullest!

Treat Yourself

All my life, I had worried more about making others happy before myself. It is so important to make yourself happy too! Treat yourself to a coffee a week, or buy that shirt you’ve been dying for.

Don’t feel guilty for doing something nice for yourself; you deserve it! Set goals for yourself for the week, like getting an A on that psychology test, or finishing that paper. Reward yourself for all of your accomplishments.  You don’t even realize how much you do. It is nice to do things for others, but don’t forget you! You deserve it just as much as anyone else does.

Keep a Positive Circle of Friends

Don’t keep people around you that make you feel negatively about yourself and bring you down. Make sure you keep people who support and love you close by, because them loving you will also allow you to love yourself, by giving you the self confidence that you may need. Don’t just stay friends with someone because she is popular, or because everyone else is friends wit her. If someone isn’t making you feel great about yourself, distance yourself from them, and focus more on the people who would do for you as much as you would for them.


Overall, don’t forget to care for yourself in the middle of your busy life. It is so important to appreciate yourself and all of your hard work. Try not to focus on everyone else and their lives, and try putting yourself first every once in a while! It’s crazy how much of a difference it makes when you truly learn to love yourself! Don’t ever forget how amazing you are!

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