March 4 2016

14 Habits Of A Girls’ School Girl by Jordan Cohen

Attending an all girls school from fifth grade through twelfth grade helped shape who I am. Especially when it comes to habits that will never be broken.

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1. Never shaving your legs

2. Not knowing what a boy is or how to talk to one

3. Not wearing makeup or brushing your hair…ever

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4. Singing out loud and then realizing you’re in public and can’t do that anymore

5. Eating CONSTANTLY..like your stomach is an endless pit

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6. Knowing how to change your clothes in public without taking anything off

7. Being able to get ready in under 10 minutes

8. Wearing spandex anytime you wear a skirt or dress

9. Knowing how to have the best Galentine

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10. TMI isn’t really a thing

11. Being set up for prom via the one friend in a relationship and expecting it to happen in college too

12. You only know uniforms. Picking an outfit every morning is the hardest task of the day

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13. You hug everyone when you see them


14. You know how to have the best kind of girl friends!

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