March 3 2017

#getLYFTed with pureLYFT

Today I had the opportunity to try a pureLYFT caffeine stick. When trying the stick I couldn’t help but think to myself  of all my millions of coffees, Red Bulls, Monsters and 5 Hour Energy Shots, and how I would happily trade them all for pureLYFT.  It was that good.  It was definitely the same kick, with better taste and none of the calories.

PureLYFT is an all natural stir stick that brings you 125 mg of clean caffeine. That amount of caffeine is equivalent to a tall coffee, but it tastes so much better and more refreshing.

PureLYFT is a energy stick that allows you to energize any beverage you want, and it’s completely all natural. Whether you are drinking water, soda, pressed juices or even an alcoholic beverage it works!  You can energize anything.  Even better you can get flavored or flavorless sticks depending on how you want to use them.

A pureLYFT stick provides clean energy through the formula they created from un-roasted green coffee bean extract, the tiniest bit of Stevia and vitamins A/ B which is where most of the benefits come from:

PureLYFT was first introduced as a peel & stir but now you can also just pop & pour the stick right into your drink making it perfect and easy to use on the go!

College student? Going to class? Studying? Finals? Internship? Workout? Traveling? PureLYFT sticks are a great solution; compact, small and extremly handy.  Find out more at purelyft.com.

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