January 6 2018

Get That Job: Here’s What Women Should Wear During A Job Interview Guest Blogger Lisa Jones

Your presence and appearance matters in a job interview. The first impression may not be your sure ticket to land your dream job, but it doesn’t hurt to dress to impress. Even though you have done a complete and detailed research about the company, what you wear and how you present yourself makes a big difference.

This interview is your chance to make a first great impression on your possible employer. And what you wear plays a big part of the job interview. Thus, make sure that you have some good clothes ready in your closet.

The most crucial thing to remember is that you need to look polished and professional. Regardless of the position you are applying, you must always look well-dressed, neat, and tidy. For a little help, listed below are the must-have outfit every woman should wear in a job interview.


Your button-downs don’t have to be uninteresting and dull, and you do not need to restrict yourself to the basic blue, pink, or white button-down shirt. You can always experiment with various fabrics, such as the sheer silk chiffon, which looks great with a camisole.

Be creative with hues and colors, too. Go for a more interesting color but still professional looking and tasteful. When you are buying for a button-down shirt, keep in mind that the neckline should be conservative and straightforward.

Ensure that your undergarment is entirely covered to avoid showing off cleavage. Tuck in your button-down to look professional and appropriate. You can purchase different colors of this clothing piece in any online clothing stores.

Black Slacks

A pair of timeless black slacks is a staple to a woman’s interview wardrobe. It’s an investment piece that you can wear for a long time.

If you have an excellent pair of black slacks, it is easy for you to dress them down or dress them up. You can mix and match them with a blazer, a button-down shirt, or a sweater. A pair of black slacks does not have to be boring, with your creativity you can transform it into a high-end fashion staple.

To complete an interesting corporate look, go for a top with good details, such as a button-down blouse or a sweater with black stripes. This details will surely soften your look and makes it more special.

As for the shoes, choose a pair of loafers, ballet flats, or a moderate heel height to complete your look.

Striking Dresses

Even though it is crucial that your attire for your interview is somewhat conservative and professional, that does not imply that you are forbidden to experiment and play with color. A striking dress in an attractive and impressive color is an excellent option for your interview wardrobe.

It might be a deep red or a muted turquoise dress that will speak and standout for itself. Having a striking dress allows you to never bother about adding any accessories or pieces of jewelry.

However, when you go for dresses with bright hues, always make sure that the rest of the dress is modest-looking. Moreover, it’s also important that both the hemline and neckline are appropriate. Avoid revealing necklines, low-cut, and short dresses.

With a striking dress, it is more vital that the dress covers and fits you accordingly and appropriately. And a pair of black ballet flats or black heels will complete your look.

Staple Suits

Suits will never cease out of style. A black or navy suit is the best choice for a job interview. Pair it with neutral colored cotton shirt or blouse. The blouse and blazer combinations are excellent for various job interviews not only are they simple, but suits are also versatile.

You can wear these staple suits or blazers on different occasions, and it works excellently with different pieces of clothing such as a dress, for instance. Additionally, you can wear it with a khaki shirt, khaki pants, or dark colored jeans for a more casual interview.

Tights and a Black Dress

A beautiful and stylish black dress is the symbol of a simple but elegant and classy business wardrobe. Go for a high-quality dress that glides over the knee. Moreover, you can also choose a dress with a perfect fit and refined details because it represents a professional looking vibe but still modern.

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Pair it with a polished and refined tights to give some life to your outfit. However, make sure that the design and pattern of the tights are sophisticated, subtle, and understated. Avoid tights that bear a resemblance to fishnets because they are not appropriate in a workplace.


What you wear matters to getting your job, whether you like it or not. And having a ready interview wardrobe can help you a lot by removing a little stress and tension to an already stressful situation. From button-downs, black slacks, stunning dresses, staple suits, and a black dress and tights, you will have the perfect interview outfit.

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