June 29 2017

Get Ready to Bloom With Bloom Daily Planners

Bloom Daily Planners creates fun, fashionable and chic organizational products for women! They use their products to inspire and empower women around the world to bloom into the best versions of themselves. We had the opportunity to ask Bloom’s co-founders, Michelle and Kaylyn a few questions!

What exactly is the Bloom Daily Planners?

Bloom daily planners creates organizational products that serve to inspire and empower women to bloom into the best versions of themselves!

What is your mission?

Bloom is committed to helping women become the best versions of themselves through the power of organization. We understand the stresses of being a modern day woman, and our goal is to help women take control of their days and ultimately live more fulfilled lives. Our products are made by women, for women.  We have created a community of like-minded women that support each other to achieve their goals and live a more positive life.

What inspired you guys to start Bloom Daily Planners?

We have both been planner users and lovers all of our lives! We met as college interns at our company, Student Media Group. Back then, Student Media Group solely created custom planners for colleges and universities across the US. Part of our job was putting together the planner covers, which always had to be university related (buildings, statues, mascots.) We were bold enough to ask the President of the company if we could make our own planners, specifically designed for women. We did not want to be limited by gender neutral college themes, and wanted to make something fun and motivating for women to use. Luckily for us, SMG’s President encourages “intrepreneurship” – the idea of being entrepreneurial within the company. He let us run with the idea, and we started out by putting a few fashionable planners up on eBay. They started to sell, and over the course of a crazy roller coaster of seven years later, bloom daily planners is now it’s own division of Student Media Group that Kaylyn and I run! We have expanded the line beyond our wildest dreams!

Where did you get your inspiration from?

We were originally inspired by the school planners that we use and love. Now, we are inspired to create products by the way we structure and organize our days and the requests we receive from our bloom girl community! Our main inspiration is our customers, and we always take their feedback and suggestions to heart!

How do you come up with different patterns and designs for your products?

We follow the trends that we see in the fashion world, stationery market, Pinterest, travel, really anything that inspires us! We also pull most of our inspiration for new patterns and products from our #bloomgirl community. We take their requests and feedback very seriously and are always tweaking current products and even making new ones to fit their needs! We recently started a cover contest where we literally let our users design their own covers and then let the #bloomgirl community vote on their favorite designs. The winner gets their design printed on a planner, a cash prize, and planners for life! We love incorporating our users into our day to day decisions because we wouldn’t exist without them! We also have “Creative Fridays” in the office where we brainstorm a new trend to draw, paint, and create for new products! Some best selling designs have come from these Creative Fridays!

Do you have a main store? Where are your products sold?

We sell our products primarily online through Amazon, eBay, and our website bloomplanners.com. Our products are also carried by over 300 gift shops, bookstores, and boutiques across the US!

How do you spread the word about your company?

Social Media! Twitter has been an amazing tool to create more personal conversations with our bloom girls. We try to connect with girls who love to be organized or need a little inspiration in their lives. It makes our day to brighten someone else’s. We also rely on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! The best part of our day is interacting with our bloom girls!

What are your goals for Bloom Daily Planners?

Bloom is growing so quickly. The sky is limit! We are adding more products and employees by the day so we see major growth in all of our current sales channels, new sales channels, new distribution relationships, nationally and internationally, and a much larger team to help us accomplish this!

What is the biggest surprise you’ve both had since you started Bloom Daily Planners?

One of our favorite moments was a few years ago when we were much smaller and Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory randomly tagged us in a photo on Instagram! He said he found our planner on amazon and read the letter in the front about our brand, and was recommending our products to his followers. We gained thousands of followers and immediately sold out of the planner he posted. It was totally unprompted and so kind and sweet of him! We will always have a special place in our heart for Jim!

Do you each have a favorite product?

Michelle:  I would be completely lost without my Vision Planner! I also love our new planner stickers, they make planning so fun and turn your planner into more of a scrapbook.

Kaylyn:  I can’t go without my Vision Planner and Planning System To Do Pad at work. At home we use a Fashion Planner to track our busy schedules and we love the Meal Planning, Grocery and regular to do list To Do Pads to plan out our weekly meals and household chores! 

What is one piece of advice you would give to a young woman who wants to start her own company?

Michelle: Don’t wait until you’re ready! If you do, you will never begin. Just start NOW and figure things out along the way. Never allow waiting to become a habit.

Kaylyn: Follow your dreams and never give up! I love the quote “Don’t stop until you’re proud”. Remain focused, proactive, and organized and it will happen. Set goals, stay accountable, read books, listen to podcasts, always try to expand upon your knowledge. Find a creative outlet to inspire you and help relieve any stress. Keep a healthy professional and personal balance so you don’t get burnt out. Trust the process. We have had many ups and downs but things always seem to happen for a reason, and for the best! 


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