November 9 2015

Generations And The Gap…Mom, Stay Off Of Facebook!

Who remembers when Facebook started?

mark-zuckerbergI truly have been wondering what Facebook has turned into.  I remember when I was about 11, and my friend’s older brother was going to college. This was about the time FB started, and I watched how he joined and found other people going to the same college as he was.


I thought it was such a cool way to meet people.  Remember at 11, I was still thinking things were cool.  I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to have a Facebook page!!!    After a few years, my parents understood that it wasn’t just for college kids anymore and I was able to have my very own FB page!

I was now in high school.  My friends and I connected, and daily, my friend page grew and grew, and my likes became bigger and better depending on the fun pictures I posted.  Time passed, events happened.

My mom always wanted to look and see all my friends’ pictures and posts.  I only allowed her to do this if I took her to my page.

mom and kid facebook

I could control what she saw.  She would always say, “I don’t understand why you all need to put these pictures up. I guess I kinda understand, but don’t you want to print your pictures for your memories?   Why do you want the entire world to see everything you do?”

I guess I never really thought about it that way.  I would post friend groups, boys and girls, fun activities.   She would say, “You know you may indirectly be hurting someone else’s feelings.  They could feel left out. They could feel like how come my family doesn’t go on a vacation like that?”   My reaction was, “Mom!   Stop!   Just chill. You really do not know what you are talking about.”

More time passed. I went to college.   As the years passed, I posted a lot less, maybe because Instagram and Snapchat became more the thing to do, They captured moments in time,  and gave me ways to share with only those who I chose to, not just random people or Facebook “friends” who were no longer real friends (or maybe never were).

Over the past several years, as my generation has slowly eased away from FB, it’s so funny to watch and see my mom and her friends now looking, stalking, and engaging on FB.


Then to hear the comments is even crazier.  It has almost turned into a bash photo share for the older, more middle-aged people.  They post constantly. They post every event, every child playing soccer, and every child getting an award, and every kid’s “genius moment.”

Screenshot 2015-11-09 08.40.38

They post every new haircut, how they feel for the day, political posts, and comments about who wore what on an award show!!!

parents post on facebook

Then there are the “mom” groups!  “Where do I get an aspirin?  Where should I go for a pedicure?”  Yes, this is so true. It makes me laugh. How do they not know these things?  They are parents.   Aren’t they?   Or are they?

Screenshot 2015-11-09 08.43.53

It continues with all the fab pictures of these grown ups on their vacations,

Screenshot 2015-11-09 08.47.55

Paris, Greece, Amsterdam (where they share that they can smoke whatever they want – a serious overshare at any age, seriously!)  Facebookers, you are still someone’s parent!

It’s kinda insane.

Why would anyone really care about all this?   What happened to a little privacy?

I am so sorry to say this but it almost seems as though my parents generation is trying to out do each other! Or is my generation just getting smarter?  My generation is constantly being criticized for being entitled. All I can say is we aren’t the ones bragging on social media!

I love my parents. I have amazing relationships with both of them.   My mom and I share things, and I do discuss my problems and ask for advice.  But one thing for sure, she keeps her boundaries. She is my parent! I am so happy for that.  I am happy that she doesn’t put her questions, our vacations, or any of that on her fb page!!!


I truly think other parents should look and listen!  We don’t love you any more if you tailgate with us.   We know what you did when you were our age.  We really do get it all more than you know.

We have enough bffs. What we really need are parents. Please be them! (And stay off of social media!!!).

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