December 14 2015

Finals Fashion…It’s Not An Oxymoron With These Great Library Looks, by Sarah Kaiser and Sydney Lieberman

When the season of tests comes around, leggings and sweatshirts tend to become our new uniform, but we always admire the girls that look put together and ready to go. Finals are stressful and make us want to pull our hair out, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look our best while studying!!  We spotted some girls around our schools, Boston University and University of Michigan, that are killing the dress game this week, and asked what inspired them to keep going strong and not resort to the sweat attire like the rest of us have:

Library Looks From University of Michigan courtesy of Sydney:

                                                                   Marli, Michigan

Marli is going to the libray and wants to be comfy. She is wearing layers because it gets really hot in the library. She is wearing pink for a dance marathon birthday party.

Nikki likes to be cute and comfy and also wear something she can take off if she gets hot or keep on if she gets cold!

Emily, Michigan

Emily, Michigan

Emily is wearing her oufit because she wasnt to look presentable and feel good while doing her work.

Finals Fashion From Boston University courtesy of Sarah

Julia, Boston University

Julia, Boston University

This fashionista is Julia.  She went for the grunge/edgy look. She wore a black sequin sweater to keep her warm in the drafty library, paired with a leather wrap skort, ripped tights, and cute booties. She wore her hair up to keep it out of her face as she studies and accessorized with necklace.   Julia says, “Studying isn’t an excuse to not be fashionable. When you’re studying you want to feel good about yourself and ready to take on all your work!!”

Sammy, Boston University

Sammy, Boston University

This is Sammy, my study buddy, who showed me up today when we hit the lib. I was sporting my usual sneakers, leggings, and sweater, and she was killing it in a sweater dress with zipper booties, a black beanie, and a blue statement jacket!   Sammy said that, “The more confident I dress, the more confident I feel in myself which translates into my studies and work. I love dresses because they are so easy and comfortable, but they look great and put together!”

Lily, Boston University

Lily, Boston University

Meet Lily.  She’s your classic prepster from CT, and was feeling like dressing up today with some festive colors for the holidays. Just because we aren’t celebrating finals doesn’t mean we should ignore the holiday spirit. She wore a lace maroon skater skirt, with a black long sleeve crop top, and black riding boots!  Lily says, “I’ve been going with the classic sweats look during finals, but decided it was time to switch it up. After a little, you get tired of wearing sweats, and it’s refreshing to look nice, put together, and like your normal self! Skirts are so easy and flattering, and these boots are so comfortable and easily dress up any outfit.”

What are you going to wear to the library tomorrow?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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