March 20 2017

Feeling Bold and Confident This Spring

It’s the first day of spring.  What better time to freshen up your look, and pick out some amazing styles that speak to the bold and confident you.  I took a look at two online platforms, StyleWe and Just Fashion Now to get inspired:

StyleWe is an online shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers that provide high quality, original products.  We were recently asked to check it out.

I like StyleWe, because it offers a large selection with many different categories of apparel including dresses, tops, outdoor wear, skirts, jumpsuits, leggings, pants, swimwear, shoes, bags and accessories.

One of the first things that caught my eye was their line of sportswear.  Working out has definitely evolved, with a new emphasis on looking good while you sweat!  Your baggy sweats and oversize tee shirt no longer cut it.  However, if you, like me, think it’s absurd to spend a ton of money on your workout attire, StyleWe is the place for you.

StyleWe has a ton of work out wear at great prices.  There are great  sport bras, yoga pants, fitness hoodies etc. Check out my favorite breathable leggings: Black Nylon Mesh Paneled Quick Dry Leggings 

Stretchy leggings that are breathable and dry quickly are definitely the fashionable way to be confident and comfortable in your own workout clothing. Go to StyleWe to make a statement!  Choose the look that speaks to you nd embraces the individual you are.

Just Fashion Now is also an online shopping platform that sells the latest fashion trends put together by different designers and brands worldwide.  They also sell dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear and accessories.

Shop Pura Vida Bracelets Online

Personally, I’m obsessed with their mermaid blanket.  It’s to die for. After a long day at the gym (wearing your new StyleWe gear of course), there is nothing better than relaxing on your couch while feeling comfy and cozy.

Just Fashion Now offers a selection of different Knitted Statement Mermaid Blankets. If you have never tried one before, today is the day! Picture a sleeping bag but with a mermaid tail!  Who doesn’t love that? I don’t know about you, but most women I know including me would do anything to get my hands on apparel that makes me look like a “real” mermaid.  After all, mermaids rule the sea, just like we girls rule the world!  (Think I heard that before somewhere.  Thanks, Beyonce!) Be sure to check it out.   #mermaidblanket

Happy first day of Spring!

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