July 16 2016

Dive in Deck: What it’s Like to Go With the Flow

goingwiththeflowAt some point in life, bliss makes itself known to its owner. It comes with a momentous occasion that has a lasting impact on life, whether anticipated or not, and, when it happens, it leaves a mark that can only be explained as a beauty mark rather than a scar.

Regardless of when or where the moment finally happens, the moment transports you from a world of stress, anxiety and unhappiness to one of fruitful acceptance. All of a sudden, you are standing in a blooming field, with the sun warm upon your skin, surrounded by nature. The wind sweeps through the flora, making it move gracefully in the wind, and sweeps around you, working with the sun to embrace in what seems like a long-anticipated hug.
Imagining a lifestyle in which that feeling is ever-present is not necessarily a simple task; however, obtaining that lifestyle is much more possible than anticipated. Some people call being down-to-earth, some call it living chill, and others call it good vibes, but, regardless of its name, the act is the same — going with the flow.
With all of life’s daily stresses — work, college, internal conflicts — letting life happen and accepting occurrences as they come proves to be extremely difficult, especially when people are constantly taught to make plans and schedule their days. But the truth is, maintaining a responsible and successful life, whether it is career-focused or not, doesn’t mean that bliss must be compromised.
The secret to finding and maintaining blissful success is simple: you can’t change the direction of the wind, but you can always adjust your sails. When stressful events occur, they cannot be changed. A moment gone is a moment gone and it cannot be recreated; however, it can always be rectified. Rather than reacting to problems that occur, use seemingly unlucky events to be proactive, and, eventually, after a few times of doing this, the moment of standing in the field will make itself known.
happy placeBliss is not a compromise, nor should it be. Every person has the ability to place him- or herself into the position of happiness and to embrace an open field of opportunity. Life is not easy by any means, and allowing it to place a heavy weight upon your shoulders makes it that much more difficult. The more stress that develops, the heavier the clouds get in your field of bliss, and, if it continues, the field eventually becomes barren, arid, and seemingly uninhabitable.
Do not give into the storms life provides, as they are just tests to build strength. When life becomes too much to handle, stay calm, and reimagine yourself in the warm embrace of the sun. The bliss will come, so long as you go with the flow.

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