July 22 2016

Dive in Deck: In Your Vulnerability Lies Your Strength

In a society where we are taught to be honest, but not too honest, caring, but not emotional, and strong, but not strongest, it’s difficult to understand what vulnerability is and how to use it successfully. And with such conflicting teachings, it’s no wonder why individuals have such a problem with expressing how they feel and showing their true selves without fear.

licensed via shutterstock.com

licensed via shutterstock.com

As terrifying as it seems to allow someone to know who you truly are — your deepest fears, biggest secrets, and worst flaws — the moment you finally allow someone to see that side of you is an incredible experience. Finally allowing someone to see you at your most vulnerable makes you feel almost weightless, as if all of your troubles are finally set free.

Of course, expressing this vulnerability should be done with ease. Nobody wants to put themselves in a situation where he or she will end up hurt, but when the right, trustworthy person comes along, letting them into the deepest parts of your soul will change your life.


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As much as confiding in someone to hold onto those fears, secrets, and flaws shows your trust for him or her, it is also the most introspective test of your trust for yourself. Most of the time, people don’t like to share the thoughts that hold them back because those are the thoughts that feed their internal demons—they make them feel weak, hopeless, and alone. But by bringing someone in to aid in defeating those demons, an internal light begins to shine and the things that once made you feel weak now build up a strength that pushes you to be the strongest person you can be.

In vulnerability lies strength, and that strength can only be released when you are ready to set your soul free. It won’t necessarily happen with the first person who seems to be your best friend, or even the first person you fall in love with, but when you find the one who you can trust to share a piece of yourself with, the relationship you have with that person, and, most importantly, yourself, will forever be changed for the better.

licensed via shutterstock.com

licensed via shutterstock.com

Regardless of how difficult life may be, know that vulnerability is not an embarrassing trait to have, nor is it one that should be reserved. Trust yourself to trust others, and your strength will continue to take you to the highest heights that life could ever provide, and make you the person you have always wanted to become.

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