August 19 2016

Dive in Deck: Exploring Your Comfort Zone


is the greatest feeling of reassurance. In a world full of doubt, covering up with a warm blanket, knowing you made the right decision, or surrounding yourself with loved ones creates the ultimate environment for happiness and security. But sometimes, comfort is not what’s best.

While comfort provides happiness, it also hinders growth. The comfort trades in goals for far-off fantasies; it takes away the drive to improve our lives because we are content. With comfort, our dreams slowly wane away into figments of imagination, and the drive to be extraordinary transcends into content with ordinary. And while chasing after extraordinary may seem ridiculous at one time, there will always come a time when the only way to achieve comfort is through discomfort.

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Chasing an extraordinary life is the only way to expand the edges of your comfort zone. Work toward the career of your dreams, fight for your right to see the world, and embrace every adventure that comes your way. A life of feeling content is a life full of no’s, but as soon as you start saying yes to the opportunities life provides, a life of pure happiness will emerge.

Say yes to the good, the bad, and the ugly. Say yes to the terrifying, the exciting, and the unnerving. Say yes to expanding your comfort zone and creating the life you always imagined. And when you feel yourself blooming into the extraordinary, say yes again, and push the bloom to occur faster.
When it comes to comfort zones, it is best to forget they exist. Don’t worry about what makes you feel comfortable. Find ways to make yourself uncomfortable, for those are the ways that you will develop into your ultimate self.

Every moment spent acknowledging the uncomfortable is a moment of growth. Every activity that makes your heart fall into your stomach is an opportunity to prove your strength. Every second that passes is the chance to realize your potential.

When those moments, activities, and seconds arrive, don’t let them go to waste. Visualize the lines they create, and cross them. Push the boundaries to what you’re familiar with and let your victory flag fly high as you leap into new uncomfortable territories.

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