January 19 2017

Detox Your Life with “Perfectly Imperfect” Kimi Rae Chapman

Kimi Rae Chapman (kimiraechapman.com and @kimiraechapman), a Yoga Instructor, Pilates CPT, Television Hostess, Yogapreneur, Entrepreneur, Brand Ambassador, Yoga Spokesperson for Wingate Wyndham Hotels, Host of her own show based on Wellness, Fitness, & Life tips called “Perfectly Imperfect”, is on our newest obsession. She has shared with SFTL how she started her amazing career, and 10 tips on how to detox your life: 

What is your favorite part of your career?

My favorite part of my career life is the variety and inspiring & motivating others.  Watching people succeed & get healthy is a great joy & passion.  Teaching Yoga is therapeutic for me and helps me LIVE by my own words and stay aligned with my passion for life.

How did you start your career?

I was a dancer growing up and always had a deep love for movement.  Movement was my meditation in life and then I found YOGA and was able to incorporate my passion with a purpose and that is helping others.

What are the main benefits of living a healthy life?

The benefits are unlimited…healthy lifestyle is the gift that keeps on giving…when I look my best; I feel my best and DO my best.  When I practice Yoga & meditation I am a better human all around…releasing toxins emotionally and physically helps me be the best person, mom, friend, & LOVER of life, in general.

What are your 10 tips for detoxing your life?

    1. YOGA…trying it once isn’t enough!  If you feel agitated staying still that means YOU NEED MORE OF THAT…the Yoga buzz isn’t instant, like a relationship, Yoga takes time to grow and build…the mind slows as the breath is mastered and everything around you, including struggles SOFTEN.
    2. Self-Love & Care.  Pamper yourself.  Get weekly or monthly massage. Get your nails done or hair done, or do whatever makes you feel nurtured. It is the opposite of selfish. Taking care of yourself is crucial to living a full happy joy filled life.
    3. REST. Sometimes it’s just that simple. We get on autopilot and it can become stressful and overwhelming. RESTING is the greatest way to empty your cup. Rest when you need as opposed to quitting.
    4. Find spirituality. Whatever religion you are…deepen the knowledge of the divine you believe in.  FAITH is the most powerful force and from strong faith comes the greatest power & love for yourself & others. FAITH springs HOPE. Hope is everything. Never stop hoping, dreaming, & praying.
    5. Eat well. Don’t crash diet. Incorporate healthful options. Eat the burger. Have the cocktail (in moderation and not daily). Eat more veggies, but if you are craving meat than go for it. Our bodies hold the intuition for our needs…don’t ignore that.
    6. Get on a probiotic. Splurge on the one you have to refrigerate…the gut is the foundation of the body, keep it clean.

Stay Fit and Healthy

7. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good. PERIOD. Extract naysayers, backstabbers,       & opportunists. Be grateful for their place in your journey and have gratitude for the lessons they bring or brought but cut the cord when someone is not making you feel good & totally WORTHY.


9. SMILE as much as you can. Smiling is contagious and smiling is like working out…the more your  work out the better your body gets…the more you smile the more your mind focuses on positive happy thoughts.

10. Spend as much time with your parents as you can. As we age, it sets in that no one will ever love you like they do and no one needs your love more than them. Cherish the time with them. Grab coffee with dad, shop with mom, and take that epic trip as a family. Someday those memories will be imprinted in the scrapbook of your soul.


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