February 14 2016

Dear Boyfriend, Thank You… By Zara Puskuldjian

Everyday I am grateful that you stumbled into my life like you did. I never thought I would ever find someone that treats and loves me the way you do. The day I met you I knew you were charming, caring, thoughtful and loving ,but I never would have guessed that after all that time, we would turn out to be who we are today.

It definitely should not be just shown on just Valentine’s Day, because I love you every other day as well, but Valentine’s Day is just another reason to remind you why I am so thankful for you and just a few of the things you do.

Thank you for being my best friend
tumblr_mlzxpgdCHh1qcjervo1_500The ability to be around someone as much as you and I are is one thing I can’t thank you for enough. When we are together not a moment goes by when we aren’t smiling.  When I need someone to talk to about anything, good or bad, you are always the first person I know I can go to. Even though just being around you is enough to brighten up my day, you always know when I’m not happy, and when I’m not happy, you always know what to do to cheer me up.

tumblr_mj97mcc4hq1rsbi86o1_500Thank you for making me feel beautiful:
The biggest confidence booster is when you tell me I’m beautiful even when I feel at my absolute worst. You constantly compliment me. You don’t care if my hair is up or down, if I have makeup on or if I don’t because either way, you are going to tell me I am beautiful. Thank you for loving me the way I am, for never making me feel insecure, but rather perfect for who I am.

nvpd1gThank you for loving me when i am unlovable: 
Girls…. we get in horrible moods… everyone knows that, but your ability to handle me when I’m at my worst or pretending like you do 😉 is so heartwarming. I am definitely not the easiest to handle so thank you.  I appreciate your patience more than you could imagine.

tumblr_inline_n5clvxEJ5s1r64lalThank you for telling me I’m wrong:
In a world where everyone always thinks they’re right, thanks for telling me I am wrong. I may not want to hear it, and I might scream at you, but everyone needs a reality check once in awhile, and I rather it be from you then someone else.

12002343_10153083256096937_567262184780058819_oThank you for being my +1:
Whether it’s family occasions, vacations, school events, doctors appointments or just going to see our friends, we come as a package deal, and everyone already knows that. Thank you for making it obvious to me and everyone else that I am a priority in your life.

9c6aedec-49c4-4ac7-96a5-e02813528e4fThank you for not complaining:
Whether I steal all the sheets, hog our puppy, want to stay home when everyone’s going out, eat all the food, force you to take a million pictures till we get the right one or just need someone to rant to, thank you for not complaining and patiently listening.

jimmyhowardhug2Thank you for surprising me:
Whether it’s bringing me flowers, food, suprising me with something I love, running up behind me when I least expect it, bringing the car to me when it’s raining or opening the door, the little things you do don’t go unnoticed.

Although I didn’t see you coming, everyday I am so grateful that you came into my life. There are so many other things I can thank you for, but overall thank you, thank you for being you.  Thank you for being such an amazing boyfriend.  Thank you for the little things, and thank you for the big things.   Everything you do makes me a better and more confident person.

12339642_10204588397984864_6759465593509163283_oHappy Valentines Day!










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